Oasis for digital nomads in UK’s Northern Powerhouse: Quest Liverpool

by | 26 Feb 2020 | Design

Quest Liverpool is an oasis for today’s location-independent workers.

Creative Spark finalist at TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR London 2020, Suited Interior Design showcased their efficient, destination-inspired design for Quest Liverpool.

The designer behind the new Quest Liverpool aparthotel attended TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR London 2020 to present their designs as part of the Creative Spark competition.

We take a look at this fresh offering for digital nomads and key workers in the City of Music.

Behold Quest Liverpool

The latest instalment of the now legendary TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR day-long networking event and conference took place on February 6th in the Conrad St. James in London.

Attendees waited with bated breath to hear all about the latest and greatest designs coming out of the UK’s hospitality market.

There were three projects in the running for the Creative Spark hotel design competition, and one of these was Quest Liverpool, an innovative new offering in the aparthotel space.

It was presented by Shelley Reiner, founder of Suited Interior Design, whose passion for destination-based design shone through her rundown of the project.

Beach meets industry at Quest

Quest is an Australian brand of aparthotels geared towards corporate key workers. For their first UK property, Suited Interior Design was tasked with combining the brand’s Aussie origins with the industrial character and heritage of Liverpool.

A light-touch approach was taken, and Reiner described how she spent time in Liverpool to really understand the essence of the city, so she would be able to subtly translate that back into the design.

This was done by commissioning original artworks inspired by Liverpool’s’ “Three Graces”, the corridor carpet evokes the Liverpool train tracks and iPhone gramophones represent Liverpool’s musical heritage.

Practical and efficient design

The target demographic of the Quest brand is the corporate key worker. Reiner told delegates at TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR London 2020, “The typical aparthotel guest is a traveller first, then fits their work around that. But Quest wants to appeal to the corporate key worker, where travel fits seamlessly around their work, so convenience and routine are massively important to Quest’s guests.”

Because of this, the design incorporates several nifty elements to make living in Quest Liverpool as seamless as possible.

For example, Deliveroo can be delivered right to the hotel door and the bill can be put on the room’s tab, meaning that everything can be paid at the end of the guest’s stay. There are fitness and meeting facilities on-site too, so working out and getting things done are taken care of too.

Another major factor that dictated the design was that each key had to be delivered for £5,800, so this meant that clever design tricks had to be implemented to make the rooms work.

Reiner says, “The approach to FF&E was a challenge given the budget, so the answer to this was to combine all room areas into one and make the furniture really flexible.”

A bespoke mini-desk/TV shelf system was designed to free up space and to provide a small desk in every room. Glass partitions were used between the bed area and lounge to make the rooms feel more spacious.

Creative Spark is a hotel design competition that includes three architects/interior designers, and it’s a staple of TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR programming. Shortlisted finalists present their projects, and further discuss their work as part of a stimulating panel discussion, giving valuable insights to the assembled guests about the state of hospitality architecture and design.

For information on how to enter the Creative Spark competition or about upcoming TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR events, get in touch with TOPHOTELPROJECTS Head of Global Events & Conferences Kayley van der Velde.



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