Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms: the design which improves your quality of life

by | May 1, 2019 | Suppliers

The company, PORCELANOSA Grupo, offers bathroom solutions based on quality which make people’s daily lives that much easier. WaterForest is the sustainable commitment by the company. This promotes the saving of resources, namely: energy and water by up to 89%. WaterForest products contribute to an economic saving through a lower waste of resources, and furthermore, it favours hotels in relation to obtaining the LEED and BREEAM sustainable buildings certifications.

Noken is the bathroom equipment company from PORCELANOSA Grupo. From the moment it was founded in 2001, Noken has been interested in designing bathroom pieces which improve people’s lives. Technology and functionality at the service of their needs. The production and understanding each element from the beginning is one of its maxims. Pieces made from detail which recall craftsmanship, despite the large volumes of manufacturing and distribution by the company. Its careful selection of raw materials and continuous investigation and certificates confirm the seal of quality by Noken, whose objective is none other than offering excellence.

WaterForest: bathroom projects which save up to 89% of water

The R&D projects carried out by Noken have made it possible to launch revolutionary bathroom products on the market. Noken Ceramic, high-end sanitary ceramics; or the Project Tech worktops, which allow for scratch and surface scratch reparability. These are just some of the examples about how to make the design improve people’s daily lives. The advances by Noken in sustainability have also created a range of equipment which is capable of saving water and energy, as well as reducing CO2 emissions. WaterForest is the sustainable commitment by Noken, an initiative which promotes the saving of resources for the preservation of the future.

From ECO double flushing systems for toilets, which enable water flushing applied to every need, to taps and shower heads that, without influencing user comfort, limit the water consumption to a maximum of litres per minute regardless of the pressure. WaterForest offers alternatives for the bathroom, capable of saving up to 89% of water. The thermostatic taps, meanwhile, save more water and energy than the shower single levers. The sought-after temperature is reached much faster and it remains constant as well. The LED technology for mirrors and light fixtures is also a saving mode, since they consume up to 80% less energy. They produce the same amount of light and they also last longer.

The eco-sustainable tourism boom

A study published by the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) ensures that one third of travellers prefer sustainable tourism destinations, and eight out of ten of them would rather stay in accommodation which ensures energy efficiency. Noken helps hotels and resorts to meet these requirements, not only in relation to the needs of the user who looks for commitment to ecology and recycling beyond their own home, but also the social cause, providing extra value to the tourist offer. The economic savings, resulting from lower resource waste would be another advantage.

In the sustainable hotel age, Noken offers the contract sector its ecological WaterForest range which also contributes to obtaining international certificates for sustainable buildings, namely: Leed and Breeam. Bathroom sustainability which adds to quality and product design with the quality seal from PORCELANOSA Grupo.


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Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms is the PORCELANOSA Group company specialised in bathroom fittings.


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