Nobu Hotel Shoreditch is a design delight

by | May 17, 2018 | Design

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch slots into its surroundings in an eye-catching way that makes sense within this urban context.

Nobu might be more well known for its restaurants, but the famed gastronomy brand is also making waves in the hotel world with Nobu Hotels. One of their latest ventures is located in the trendy London neighbourhood of Shoreditch and is an architectural gem. We take a closer look at Nobu Hotel Shoreditch.

Striking design in classic London location

Shoreditch in London might be known as the epicentre of all things hip, but the traditional architecture of the area is very much typical of Victorian London.

The Nobu Hotel Shoreditch does little to emulate its surroundings, and stands out as a striking example of contemporary architecture. Designed by Ben Adams Architects, the brief specified a beautiful hotel with state of the art facilities, as well as the provision of a variety of guest rooms and luxury apartments, and a high end eatery.

The design of the hotel is striking yet restrained, with the facade composed of horizontal bands inset with vertical concrete and glass panels. The gable end is tiered, setting back from the landscaped courtyard.

The architects say, “This design marries the creative energy of the location with Nobu’s values of simple luxury with a façade that fragments at the eastern end and descends into a welcome new pocket park, overlooked by the warehouses of Great Eastern Street to the North.”

Asian influence in food and lodgings

Nobu is known for its famous restaurants that chef Nobu Matsuhisa has now made a household name. TOPHOTELNEWS recently reported on Nobu’s plans for slow growth in the coming years.

Trevor Horwell, CEO of Nobu Hospitality, says that the brand’s focus is on delivering a venue that will draw customers to the restaurant section of the hotel, so sites are chosen where an established client base is already deemed to exist. In this respect, it makes sense that Nobu would choose London’s Shoreditch neighbourhood to site their new hotel in.

This also explains the architect’s choice of materials and design. The team elaborate on this, saying, “Nobu requires that all their buildings reflect their immediate context. Our palette of concrete, bronze, timber and glass, overlaid with creative textiles and warm fabrics create a simple, considered and raw aesthetic.”

The overall effect is one of contemporary sophistication, something which Shoreditch exudes in every sense.

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