noa* Transforms Mountain Hotel in South Tyrol, Italy

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Design

A new hotel transformation has taken place on the Italian moors of the Valser Valley. Architectural studio noa* has taken the former Moarhof hotel and reimagined it as the Silena Hotel. We take a look inside this stunning renovation.

Hotel on the moors

Italy is known for many things, and in the region of South Tyrol, a mountainous area which contains part of the Dolomites, outdoor sports such as skiing and climbing reign supreme. One such property that catered to these enthusiasts was the Moarhof Hotel, an Alpine-esque hotel located on a mountainside surrounded by the Italian moors. The hotel was recently refurbished by design firm noa* and has taken on a completely new character and life. Billing itself as “the soulful hotel”, the new incarnation of Moarhof is entitled Silena, and takes full advantage of the Vals plateau on which it is located. The concept of the new hotel is centred around wellness, and merges the local Italian setting and customs with those of the Orient, to result in a unique property that channels South East Asia while at the same time being at one with its surroundings.

Singular design

The building has two main volumes, an L shaped block that backs onto the mountain and wraps around a lower circular volume. In reimagining the former hotel, noa* decided to strip back one of the existing blocks, a south-west facing portion that was the oldest part of the hotel. The reduction of this section of the property back to its structural elements allowed the designers to conceive of an entirely new life for the building, which has taken on a persona rooted in the concepts of Asian naturalism. Externally, the L-shaped block behind which the mountain rises has been clad in earth-coloured aluminium panelling that has a decorative motif, and acts as a sort of second skin for the building, evoking the plants and reeds that can be found in the moors and marshlands. This pattern is also seen internally in the relaxation and spa areas, on the walls and the ceilings, creating a connection with the outdoors.

Wellness centre and guest rooms

The lower levels of the new property, which are located to the front of the space enclosed by the higher block, contain the wellness centre, which is at the core of the new hotel’s focus. This sector has curved facade and elegant strips of glazing which allow a connection with nature in both the form of and the views from the building. The spa contains an open air pool, some of which is also contained indoors for inclement weather, and treatment rooms and relaxation areas that take advantage of the spectacular views visible from this mountain side. The guest rooms have also been rethought in the refurbishment. The balconies have been enlarged, allowing visitors to enjoy the fresh air and panoramas from theri bedrooms, and the material palette has been chosen to echo the earthy nature of the wellness concept. Dark stained parquet floors, muted furnishings in dark grey-blues and whites create a feeling of comfort and intimacy. The rooms are wallpapered with scenes of dragonflies and woodlands, and the interiors of the rooms are romantic and luxurious.


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