If you or your loved one uses a wheelchair, never fear—New York City is not as difficult to navigate as you might think. In fact, NYC is a progressive place in terms of its accessibility standards. The city is a remarkably friendly destination for travelers in wheelchairs and with disabilities.

For one, most of the top hotels in New York offer accessible rooms and services. With tens of thousands of hotels to choose from, you are bound to find one with excellent options for people with disabilities, including rooms that have accessible bathrooms and large bedrooms. Oftentimes, hotels will be readily willing to make any adjustments or alterations to meet your needs, like removing furniture from a room to offer more space.
What’s more: some of the top venues in NYC are designed to be accessible, including:

· The Guggenheim Museum
· The Frick Collection
· The Metropolitan Museum of Art
· The New York Historical Society
· Saks Fifth Avenue
· Bergdorf Goodman
· Statue of Liberty
· Central Park

If you want to experience culture in the city without having to venture around, you can also consider seeing a play or performance on Broadway. Do your research before you book your ticket, as some theaters will have accessible seating and others may not. By learning as much as you can about accessibility in New York City before your trip, you can guarantee that you’ll have the experience of a lifetime in the Big Apple.

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