New TEMPO handle, by KLEIN: Opening the door to details

by | 02 Jun 2020 | Products

Delicate ergonomics and sleek beauty of new TEMPO Handle by Klein, for interior glass and wooden doors

We present the new development with which KLEIN is opening the door to the details: the TEMPO handle, the perfect complement, and an ideal and unique finish for our sliding and folding interior systems.

90 years of history has provided us with in-depth knowledge, which is crucial to our process of innovation. In 2020, our continued goal is to ensure an optimal experience for users and professionals. To achieve that, taking care of the details is essential.

For the first time ever, KLEIN® is launching a line of door handles, an indispensable accessory for their sliding and folding systems. Because, if a door requires a track in order to make sense, it also needs a handle that allows you to operate it comfortably, all while highlighting its beauty. The new TEMPO handle, by KLEIN®, stands out due to its delicate ergonomics and the unequivocal beauty of solid aluminum. The anodizing process that it undergoes highlights its shape, as well as the colors and textures of the different finishes available. A small curve at its center makes the new TEMPO handle smooth and comfortable to grab; this small detail is designed to allow a simple movement of the fingers to slide even the largest mobile panel with utmost easy, at the user’s pace.

The new TEMPO handle, by KLEIN, conveys the expertise and care that our brand puts into the details. Available in two sizes and 3 colors, it takes on just enough of the limelight, playing with chromatic contrast or harmony, however you prefer. It thus offers a wide range of options that can be brought to life in the experiential space envisioned by the architect and operated by the installer.

2 sizes: 30 cm and 70 cm3 colors: Classic Silver, Matte Black and Matte Dark Bronze2 models: screw-on for wood doors, and stick-on for glass doors.

Download the specification sheet for the Tempo line of handles here or CONTACT US for more information “KLEIN does not set out to create simple systems or accessories, but rather, to provide a unique brand experience for both the professionals who design spaces and the users who live in and delight in them. To establish a long-lasting bond, though the personalization and enjoyment of the space,” says Marc Tárrega, CEO of KLEIN®.

The new TEMPO handles are the result of a nearly century-long quest for perfection. Just one more example of our pursuit of excellence and how KLEIN focuses its innovation on responding to users’ needs.

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