New Hotels in France’s Wine Regions a Draw For Visitors

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Design

Two new hotels in the Loire Valley and Champagne offer visitors a chance to explore some of France’s premier wine making regions, whether you are looking for affordable or luxury accommodation. We check out the Relais de Chambord and 25bis.

Relais in Loire Valley

This converted inn will appeal to lovers of wine as it will to lovers of aristocratic French architecture. Sited almost directly across from the famous Château de Chambord, a famous local landmark that is half a millennium old and dates back to the reign of François I. The Relais de Chambord is a four-star boutique hotel that boasts 55 incredible rooms, many of them with views directly onto the ornate chateau, from where guests can observe its decorative windows and slate turrets. Both the chateau and the new hotel are located within France’s Domaine de Chambord national reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hotel benefits from the stunning gardens that surround the inn, as well as lots of exclusive amenities such as a spa, billiard room and tennis courts, giving it the feel of a luxurious country club. Guests can dine in the incredible Grand Saint Michel restaurant and stay in one of the attractively decorated rooms, which are laden with plush finishings such as thick pile carpets and feature walls that evoke natural settings. The rooms start from 150e a night, so this is a good option for those wishing to explore the area, but not break the bank.

25bis in Champagne

The area around the small town of Epernay in France’s Champagne region houses some of the world’s most famous champagne houses, and as such it has always been a popular place for lover’s of France’s most luxurious beverage to come to. However, there has always been a lack of accommodation, limiting the options for visitors to the area. With the addition of the new 25bis hotel from contemporary champagne house Leclerc Briant, visitors now have the choice of a high-end, stylish and modern retreat set in a former 18th century private residence which has the extra exclusivity of being home to just five guest rooms. The overhaul has combined the best of Scandinavian design with French traditional architecture, preserving the period features of the house but bringing it into the 21st century with a Nordic twist. If you are not in one of the individually designed bedrooms, you might be relaxing on one of the two leafy terraces, or exploring this inimitable part of France and sampling some of the world’s best champagne. Rooms in the 25bis start at 400e.




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