New Heritage Collection 2021 Arco Outdoor

by | 12 Apr 2021 | Products

Heritage deep seating collection in a ***** Hotel in Rome
Designed in the past, made for tomorrow.
HERITAGE, this timeless outdoor collection in made of solid premium teak. The surface comes in the high end buffed finish with a beautiful sheen. The very comfortable cushion sets include a lumbar scatter cushion for a major relaxation. Architect Povl B. Eskildsen has combined Soft classical curves and straight lines on the back, donating to this classic collection more updated beauty and a modern touch. Exclusive brass parts for feet and arms, galvanized in palladium, gold and custom, make Heritage Collection peerlessly in the high end classical outdoor furniture.



Arco Outdoor is a specialist in designing and producing high-end quality teak furniture for outdoor use.

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