Nathan Allan’s Willow Architectural Glass Partition creates an Architectural Feature Wall like no other

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Suppliers

Ameristar Blackhawk Casino Willow Architectural Glass Partition. To attract the senses, one has to be captured by something vibrant and exciting. Namely something moving and stimulating. Therefore it’s easy to see why Nathan Allan’s Willow Architectural Glass Partition was selected. This Architectural Glass Partition is stunning. As a result, it was selected to enclose the High Limit gambling section at the Blackhawk Casino. For this reason, everyone’s attention is directed to this High Limit gambling area.

One just has to view the beautiful, stunning outdoors where this premier casino is located. Accordingly it’s easy to understand why the designers would feature a high end Willow Architectural Glass Partition. Designed by Marnell Companies Las Vegas, the Willow Architectural Glass Partition inspires all who are fortunate to visit.


Nathan Allan’s Willow Architectural Glass Partition is a feature selection from Nathan Allan’s Freeform Series glass. As such, using an exclusive Freeforming production methods, the Willow mold is created. As a result, Willow is essentially a “texture less” kiln formed glass, a first in the industry. Therefore the sweeping, fluid lines of Willow in the design, create a pattern which appears to move. At the same time, the deep Convex surface forges a 3D visual, yet remains clear.


3/8” (10mm) thick, Low iron tempered glass, is used in production. Moreover, the Willow Architectural Glass Partition is formed with Flat Margins on all 4 edges. Thus the margins allow for easy installation and a uniform design. Various sizes panels were produced, up to 30” x 24” (762mm x 610mm). Glass exceeds building code requirements.


Working directly with Marnell Companies Las Vegas, a decorative glass was required to create a Wall of Art. Therefore the wall was designed to be easily noticed from all locations inside the casino. Accordingly, including polished steel posts, the Willow Architectural Glass Partition creates an Architectural Feature Wall like no other. As a result, the Willow Architectural Glass Partition has been described as Intense, Spectacular and Sizzling. At the same time, the wall beautifully and effectively demises the High Limits area. Thus creating a high end, expensive mood. This creative design was formed to lift the spirits of all those who visit the space.


3/8” Low Iron tempered glass panels, with 8 various sizes, were used in this stunning project. Likewise, Flat Margins on the vertical edges allow for each panel to slot evenly into the posts. Each glass panel rests on hidden shims within the posts. Consequently, with only vertical support posts, a semi-seamless picture is created. Installation by M3 Services, CO.


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Nathan Allan Glass Studios is a global leader in manufacturing Architectural Glass. Using exclusive kiln-formed production methods, creative glass artists and graphic designers develop custom glass products and unique visual perspectives for the Architectural and Interior Designer communities.

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