Nathan Allan Cache Creek Casino Resort Torques Architectural Glass Partition

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Suppliers

Cache Creek Casino Resort Torques Architectural Glass Partition. Labeled the most popular gaming facility in Northern California. Consequently, Cache Creek Casino Resort offers its patrons an extensive amount of gaming and attractions. As well as many deluxe amenities and accordingly, all within a luxurious environment. As a result, Cache Club members receive unparalleled luxuries. Such as exclusive benefits, promotions and perks. For this reason, it’s the most sought after gaming destination in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay areas.

Moreover, in the VIP Reception Area, members are welcomed by an extravagant Torques Architectural Glass Partition. As such, with the elaborate design theme by Cache Creek, Nathan Allan‘s Torques Architectural Glass Partition was produced. At the same time, this architectural cast glass wall is both functional and decorative. Accordingly, the glass wall also allows ample light transmission while creating privacy in a beautiful setting. For these reasons, witness how texture and light work together to construct a remarkable environment.


Part of the Freeform Series, Torques Decorative Glass is forged with formidable depths of flowing texture. Due to the exclusive kiln-forming processes, Torques Glass is essentially texture less, allowing for substantial light transmission without sacrificing any privacy – perfect for the VIP Reception Area at Cache Creek. The pattern flows seamlessly from panel to panel, and is viewable from each side of the glass. Using Low Iron glass, the Torques Decorative Glass displays a shimmering, crystal clear effect.


Various size panels, measuring up to 54” wide x 96” high (1372mm x 2438mm), are used in this impressive space. Glass panels are 1/2″ thick, Low Iron tempered safety glass with machine polished edges.


Working with Denean Scott of ID3 Design/San Diego, Nathan Allanfocused on creating a decorative glass partition that would enhance the already established VIP Reception Area of Cache Creek Casino Resort.
The wave-like Torques pattern is intensified with strategic lighting throughout the space. Subjects behind the glass are distorted, while any fragment of light easily passes through the glass. Colors are enhanced, and the pattern creates a soothing, yet refined feel. With a distinguished golden-brown gratifying color scheme, Torques kiln-formed glass seamlessly fits into the environment.


Nathan Allan partnered with West Coast Glazing of West Sacramento, for another quality and impressive installation. The textured glass panels are held in place with 2-sided stops, cushioned on the bottom edges, and silicone sealed in the gaps and on the perimeters of each panel.


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Nathan Allan Glass Studios is a global leader in manufacturing Architectural Glass. Using exclusive kiln-formed production methods, creative glass artists and graphic designers develop custom glass products and unique visual perspectives for the Architectural and Interior Designer communities.

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