MP Hotels honoured for fastest 2018 growth in hotel sector

by | Aug 3, 2019 | Chains

MP Hotels takes home prize for fastest growth

MP Hotels is awarded an industry prize for the fastest growth in Spain’s hotel sector after adding three new brands to their portfolio to attract more diverse travellers.

To reach a broader audience and consolidate its image, Munich-based MP Hotels successfully created three new brands to cater to a wide variety of travellers.

An industry reward for exceptional growth

To recognise MP Hotels’ work, the FTI Group owned hotel and resorts company received the ‘Prize for the Greatest Growth in the Hospitality Sector in 2018’. Every year this reward is organised by La Razón, a leading Madrid-based newspaper.

During the award presentation, MP Hotels Spain CEO Juan José Calvo Quiroga confirmed that 2018 was a key year for the growing hotel group especially due to the launch of their three new brands.

“Among the major successes of last year, it’s worth noting the reorganization of our LABRANDA Hotels & Resorts into five different sub-brands, as well as the development of three new ones,” said Calvo. “We have done this all in an attempt to take better advantage of the diversity that currently exists across the competitive hotel market.”

After this restructuring, MP Hotels is now what one might call a house of brands. Their flagship LABRANDA Hotels & Resorts consists of five sub-brands which include the so-called select, comfort, balance, family star and city options.

Design Plus Hotels, Lemon & Soul Hotels, Kairaba Hotels & Resorts and, since 2019, the Club Sei brand make up the rest of the portfolio.

Developing these distinct brands highlights the company’s goals to grow and make the most of various market segments.

Quick growth and further expansion plans

Creating four successful brands as quickly as MP Hotels did caught the award committee’s eye. In only four years, the company launched the new brands and grew to over 70 hotels across eleven markets.

MP Hotels sees Spain as one of the key markets and currently runs about half of its portfolio on the Iberian Peninsula and in the Canary Islands. Mr Calvo also added that many other important projects are coming to fruition in 2019.

“MP Hotels has already presented a new brand, Club Sei, a game-changing club concept,” said Calvo. “MP Hotels has also begun work on its ambitious Alaçati project, which is to turn this hidden coastal gem in Turkey into a world-renowned destination.”

Spain’s largest industry

The 2019 award ceremony was the 8th edition of La Razón’s Tourism Awards and many important players of the Spanish tourism market attended.

Today, tourism is seen as one of Spain’s most important industries since it accounts for around 14.6% of the country’s economy. Given these numbers, it’s not surprising that Spain is the second most visited country in the world according to the UN World Tourism Organisation.

MP Hotels already plays a big part in this sector, especially in the Canary Islands. By further growing, the company hopes to contribute even more to the area’s economic growth over the years.



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