Motel One leading the way in budget market [Brand Report Included]

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Chains

The word “motel” often conjures up cockroach-infested, low-rise buildings with undesirable clientele and suspicious goings-on beside highways in America. But German low-cost hotel chain Motel One has given the word a whole new meaning and is wearing the motel moniker loud and proud. Established in 2000 by visionary hotelier Dieter Müller, formerly a manager at French hotel giant Accor, the model Motel One adopted was to provide guests with an economic hotel experience while sparing none of the comforts that are found in more upscale properties. Müller says that of the Motel One ethos, “Happy staff and happy guests lie at the heart of the Motel One company philosophy.” This focus has helped the company to rise in a challenging market across Europe over the past 17 years, and they now boast 55 hotels in more than 6 countries with plans to extend that to 80 with a total key count of 23, 150 over the coming years.

Motel One’s first properties opened in a handful of German satellite towns such as in 2000, but they subsequently changed their model to have a presence in more major cities. Now the chain operates hotels in German hubs such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich. Outside Germany there are also hotels in the capital cities of Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech Republic, as well as four locations in the UK. The recently opened Motel One Basel in Switzerland quickly became one of the brand’s most popular destinations, along with Motel One Wien-Hauptbahnhof and Motel One Berlin-Tiergarten.

The company’s identity is reflected in the interiors, which employ a contemporary design and use the brand colours of brown and turquoise throughout to reinforce their image. In the motels, the lounge is often a focus and acts as a social space as well as the restaurant, bar and cafe.


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