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Its familiarity and its character is defined not only by its friendly silhouette but its soft grey materiality, the strangely accommodating soft dull aluminium materiality, the agreeable grinding noise that accompanies the simple mechanical screwing and unscrewing of its body. How amazing that this complex and well performing object has become readable and comprehensible, a machine that needs no instructions and no invitation to be part of domestic life. What does it mean to redesign it, perhaps only to make it more of what it already is?

David Chipperfield

In the Alessi Encyclopedia the chapter dedicated to espresso coffee makers includes projects created by great designers, as Richard Sapper, Aldo Rossi, Michael Graves, Piero Lissoni, Wiel Arets, Mario Trimarchi, Alessandro Mendini, Michele De Lucchi.

In 2019 is the English architect David Chipperfield to re-design a “day-by-day” classic. His “Moka” can be read on the one hand has a contribution to the evolution of industrial archetypes; on the other hand as a tribute to Alfonso Bialetti – grandfather of Alberto Alessi – who, in the 1930’, invented, designed and was the first manufacturer of the Moka Express, the popular Italian espresso coffee maker.

David Chipperfield has reinterpreted the espresso coffee maker, taking inspiration from the aesthetics of the 30s, especially from Art Déco.

Alberto Alessi

Moka” is characterized by an eleven-sided volume and a flat lid, which integrates with the shape of the coffee maker. Made from aluminium and available in three sizes (1, 3 and 6 cups), “Moka” shows a few functional details: the wide base optimises heat transmission, the side positioning of the knob allows an easy, one-handed lid lifting, the shape and positioning of the handle avoids it to be accidentally melted by the flame.

As an element of architecture that integrates with the surrounding environment, the designer has chosen grey for the handle, with a shade that is the transposition of the metallic colour of the aluminium.


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