Meliá Hotels International tops 7 million social media followers

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Chains

Meliá Hotels International has just reached another soccial media milestone.

The company is one of the 10 most influential Ibex-35 companies on social media, with more than 500 accounts spread throughout 167 countries.

Meliá Hotels International has one of the largest social media presence of anyone in the hospitality space, having tallied more than 7 million followers across the globe.

The Spanish hotel company just recently topped 7 million followers with one of the industry’s best strategic uses of social media management, one that involved marketing, innovation, technology and utilizing digital talent from throughout the entire company. Overall, the company has just taken a forward-thinking approach that sees its social media transformation as a new paradigm in its relationships with stakeholders, enabling them to make gains in everything from brand recognition to corporate reputation to business performance.

With the media’s increasing reliance on social media, it’s tough to envision a future in which this doesn’t turn out to be a very successful play for the company.

Meliá Hotels on social media

Meliá Hotels International has already received accolades for its innovative work with social media.

The company has been named one of the 10 most influential Ibex-35 companies in social media in the Icarus Analytics Panel conducted by Epsilon Technologies in 2018. In addition, it has worked hard to build a solid online presence for all of its 545 brand and hotel accounts in 167 countries across varied social media platforms.

It has been a productive approach. Consider that within the first six months of this year, the company has been able to achieve 7 million interactions with its followers, which is almost double its numbers for that stat over the same period last year. This has in turn led to a 24 percent boost of traffic to, which the group has reported generated sales of more than 42 million euros, which is certainly nothing to take lightly.

A digital transformation

The results that the company is enjoying come from its reinforcement of global social media strategy and overall wider digital transformation.

A recent case study done by Hootsuite highlights the company’s know-how in improving customer relationships, humanizing and enhancing brand recognition, increasing traffic to its website and attracting talent. To drive results even further, Meliá Hotels International has also worked with important partners in social media, including Hootsuite for account management, Flowics for managing user-generated content, and Traack for influencer marketing, which has been a main driver behind the company’s uptick of 167 percent in brand referencing by influencers.

Finally, the company has also created a team of internal ambassadors to amplify its content even further. Meliá’s CEO, Gabriel Escarrer, opened accounts on Linkedin and Twitter last year, and is one of only a few Spanish CEOs at Ibex-35 companies to have an active presence on social media. This activity has helped bolster his position as a thought leader within the hospitality industry while also creating greater awareness of the company’s intangible values and public commitments, such as its social and environmental positioning.

Santiago Garcia Solimei, Director of Global Social Media at Meliá Hotels International, explains “More and more customers are using social media to discover our products, and they play a fundamental role in every stage of the customer journey, from discovery, inspiration and a hotel experience shared in real time, to one of the most important parts of the journey: their recommendation when their stay comes to an end.”

Let’s take a look at a few hotel projects by Meliá:

ME Dubai

Melia Iskandar Malaysia

ME Doha


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Meliá Hotels International was founded in 1956 in Palma de Mallorca and is one of the world’s largest resort hotel chains, as well as Spain's market leader.


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