Bringing more hospitality to the hospitality industry: Timothy Barnett

by | May 2, 2017 | Experts, Interview

Boutique hotels, millenial trends and a true sense of hospitalty are what it takes for the future success in the market. That is what Timothy Barnett, VP of Operations, NYNY Hotel and Casino, shared in an exclusive interview with TOPHOTELNEWS.

At the recent TOPHOTELPROJECTS World Tour event in Las Vegas, we met Timothy Barnett, vice president of operations, NYNY Hotel and Casino. In that capacity, Barnett oversees quite a bit, including what he describes as “a diverse group of leaders that provide engaging and inspirational guidance to an awesome team.” In his long career of more than 20 years, Barnett has a number of career highlights, but he identifies the diversity of his experiences as among his favorite. Barnett’s career has enabled him to see Las Vegas grow into the mega destination it is now, and also to spend time working with riverboat gaming and gaming at reservations in Arizona.

In terms of challenges and solutions, Barnett points to the inherent difficulties of providing an intimate and comfortable experience for guests who are staying at mega resorts. He says the culture at the properties throughout Las Vegas is shifting toward an effort to bring back more hospitality to the hospitality industry. In addition, he discussed the challenges of catering toward millennial challenges, a defining element of the modern industry.

Barnett also pointed to smaller, boutique inspired hotels as increasingly relevant to the future, saying they will continue as a trend. Operators must be prepared to evolve hotel experiences in a unique yet smaller way.





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