Meet Havwoods International, a Top Hardwood Floor Designer for Hotels

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Design

If you’ve ever stayed at a luxury hotel and wondered who was responsible for the gorgeous hardwood floors beneath your feet, there’s a very good chance you have enjoyed the work of Havwoods International.

Havwoods International, which was first established in 1975, is Britain’s top wood flooring company, and they have long supplied the global hospitality industry with their wares. Havwoods places a company-wide focus on engineered and solid wood for floors, cladding, and even joinery. Their focuses are diverse, and their work involves a wide sampling of species with many finishes.

The praise for Havwoods from the global hospitality industry is both technological and aesthetic. Havwoods has also garnered a reputation for its continued research into new ideas and trends, introducing both composite decking products and collections like its revolutionary Fusion range.

Havwoods work has begun to define hardwood floors throughout the global hospitality industry in more ways than one. If you fly out of terminal 3 at Manchester Airport, you may have encountered their floors at the airport pub and grill.

Havwoods has even laid wood flooring at the Ritz-Carlton in Budapest, as well as in properties found in Sydney and Berlin. Their products are also popular among wealthy consumers seeking hardwood floors for their homes.

The year of 2016 was important for Havwoods, because this was the year that saw the company open its first ever US distribution center in Maryland, which is now fully operational and shipping products to customers in Florida, Missouri, Utah, Nevada, California and New York. While customers in the eastern hemisphere have been familiar with Havwoods for years, their counterparts in the Americas will soon come to learn much more about the high quality of hardwood floors that they’ve been missing out on.

Havwood currently has global offices on four continents, including North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. This year the company also hosted a competition to engage with customers. All entrants were asked to do was send in three photographs of projects in which they had used a Havwood product, divided into four categories: bars, restuarants and hotel projects; residential projects (professional designer); residential projects (amateur designer); and retail, office, leisure, or outdoor projects.

In the month of December they are displaying entries on their website and asking visitors to vote on a favorite, which will then be rewarded their very own tailor-made mini break in either New York, London, or Syndey, which clocks in at a whopping value of £4500.

For more information about Havwoods International and the hardwood floor-related products that they offer, you can visit them on the web at


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