“Innovation made by MDT”, is the slogan of the international membrane manufacturer MDT-tex based in Germany. MDT-tex, better known for its classical sun protection textiles and umbrellas, has an innovative spirit. Thanks to many years of experience and with help of their Creative Team, a revolutionary product, with a security concept and an almost endless degree of individualization, has been realized – the Type S16, a full aluminium and telescopic umbrella.


Although inspired by the increased need for security abroad, the idea may be unique and simple at the same time: an umbrella equipped with an engineered balancing system, which results in a balanced opening and closing mechanism between struts, membrane and structure that excludes any risk of injury. As a matching side benefit the safety aspect is considered since it opens and closes in a controlled manner – in short: the umbrella stops where you stop.

However, the special charm unfolds even before opening. The aesthetic design components – not only in shape, but also in combination with the colored end caps – create a striking accent. Individual components, such as the handle, the strut connectors and the end caps of the umbrella can be individualized. In addition, the cover can be chosen in solid colors or striped optics. The high degree of customization sets new standards here.

Due to the functions and the high level of customization, the Type S16 was awarded as winner by the jury of the Red Dot Design Award 2018 in the category Best of the Best. The award pays tribute to the longstanding efforts to give new splendor and functionality to a product that has been on the market in the standard range for a long time.


A little apart from the main focus another unique selling point of the S16 comes into play – the textile. The PES Polyacrylate – Acrylic fabric MDT-tex 300 – forms the membrane of the full aluminium parasol. Special care was taken to ensure that the textile used has a high UV resistance and has as well the same high level of lightfastness. Not least, the production of spinneret-dyed yarn ensures an intense, long-lasting brilliance – no wonder that this umbrella is a real gem.

More information on MDT-tex can be found on TOPHOTELSUPPLIER, the first complete directory about all leading hotel suppliers. MDT-tex will expose its large umbrellas and membrane constructions from May 2-4 at the HD Expo in Las Vegas

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