Maximising comfort doesn’t need to be a laborious project

by | 14 Aug 2020 | Products

A state-of-the-art bathroom has become a hotel must-have, but the renovation process can turn the room into a building site for days on end. Geberit’s Monolith solution is the perfect workaround.

Today’s hotel bathrooms have transformed into showrooms for social media snapshots, spreading across the world at lightning speed. In short, they’re now much more than just a place to wash. People expect bathrooms to deliver an experience; to be a place where every detail from on-trend equipment to colour and lighting has a role to play in creating a harmonious whole. But converting a bathroom into this kind of cutting-edge location is often a cumbersome task that takes time and creates noise and mess. Fortunately, the Monolith sanitary module from Geberit avoids all that. In just a few hours, it adds a modern twist to bathrooms without the need for expensive interventions in the room’s basic structure.

Modernise any bathroom without structural modifications

The Monolith is connected to the existing water supply lines and discharge pipes, eliminating the need for loud, messy chiselling work. As the module houses all of the sanitary technology, including the cistern and trap, it is ideal for installation in cases where the toilet cistern cannot be integrated behind the wall.

What’s more, the elegant front cladding is available in a range of colours to suit any bathroom, making it an eye-catching feature that blends perfectly into the interior design aesthetic.

Stunning wellness functions

The Monolith Plus has a host of convenience features to offer too. The odour extraction unit prevents unpleasant odours from spreading throughout the room, for example, while the orientation light provides a discreet route to the toilet at night, so guests can find their way there quickly even if the hotel surroundings are unfamiliar.

Combinations for maximum indulgence

Combination options are also available. An AquaClean shower toilet and the Monolith, for instance, make the perfect pair thanks to their uncomplicated installation methods that work in harmony with one another, plus their beautifully coordinated design features that enhance the user’s experience. The Monolith sets the perfect scene and provides appealing features, and the shower toilet creates a feeling of freshness that lends an additional sense of indulgence. Quick and easy to install, Geberit Monolith sanitary modules open up unimagined possibilities when it comes to bathroom design.

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