Marriott to launch Mastermind community for meeting planners

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The JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort – part of Mastermind by Marriott.

With its diverse portfolio of event venues across the globe, Marriott is increasingly committed to collaborating with meeting planners in new and inclusive ways.

It is, perhaps, sometimes tempting to think of the hotel business as one of exclusively providing guests with a place to stay.

The business, however, goes far beyond that. One of the other major facets is, of course, hosting meetings and events, from business conferences to conventions and everything in between.

Marriott International, which is the largest hotel company in the world, understands that events are big business for the hospitality industry.

Spurred by rapid advancements in technology, the company is now taking new measures to attract a piece of the coveted convention and meetings pie.

In fact, Marriott’s Convention & Resort Network (CRN) has announced the upcoming launch of Mastermind, a peer-to-peer community for meeting planners.

In March 2019, the digital platform will debut with the goal to help planners feel connected, empowered and inspired while building new skills and meaningful long-term relationships.

This is all yet another sign that the meeting planner’s role continues to evolve and presents the ongoing need for knowledge of trends and creativity.

With a diverse portfolio of venues, Marriott is committed to collaborating with planners on the journey to innovate.

How will Mastermind work?

Mastermind groups will consist of eight to ten meeting planner peers paired with a Marriott CRN executive as their mentor as well as a Marriott subject matter expert.

Kicking off the pilot semester in March 2019, monthly planner sessions will take place with high-level discussions centred around key industry topics.

They will include culinary trends in meetings and how to engage meeting attendees outside the conference room, providing attendees with networking opportunities and more. Marriott mentors and experts will join all sessions to provide input and important insight.

“Meeting planners have the desire to push the envelope and inject creativity into meetings based on the changing demands of their customers,” notes Mike Wainwright, Vice President of Sales, Marriott’s Convention & Resort Network.

“I am proud of our vision to have Mastermind provide a platform that brings these talented planners together to share knowledge, brainstorm and build lifelong relationships. Currently, we have a strong distribution of brands in the most desirable destinations. We anticipate debuting new properties, offerings, experiences and tools to further enhance our dedication to planners.”

Each month, the group will meet with a new Marriott expert according to the discussion topic while the Marriott mentor remains with the group, ensuring consistency and connection.

Also, Mastermind planners will have direct individual access to experts and mentors as well as the digital Mastermind Lab, a live page where members can engage in conversation, pose questions and share content.

During the semester, a roundtable discussion with select members, hosts and experts will offer an opportunity to join and promote cross-learning within the Marriott’s CRN network planner community.

The upcoming pilot semester

Marriott and PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) have revealed what the Mastermind programme’s first semester will focus on:

  1. Emotional Intelligence: Business events need to move past reactive adjustments to adopt a proactive approach to personalized experiences.
  2. Orchestrated Serendipity: Experiences must embrace freedom and surprise to create lasting impressions and free consumers from the constant constraint of schedules or agendas.
  3. Multimodel Design: Every event has a unique objective and audience and a space’s design must reflect each event’s specific personality and needs.
  4. Bigger Than Oneself: Every event must have a message. Participants want to understand what’s important to a business and experience events that deliver that message down to the smallest details.
  5. A Sense of Place: The most memorable events celebrate local surroundings, enriching visitors, exposing them to local culture and connecting them with the community to increase engagement.

While the sessions will begin this spring, Marriott officials have noted that meeting planners have expressed great interest in the programme and that they are excited to both launch and expand it soon.

Here’s a video by Marriott introducing Mastermind.

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