Marriott Digital Services partners with Avvio to deliver online excellence

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Suppliers

Marriott Digital Services (MDS), Marriott International’s comprehensive in-house digital services solution for hotels, has partnered with leading hotel technology provider, Avvio, to deliver online excellence for its partner hotel clients.

Avvio is now providing outsourced partner services for the MDS team to support the world’s largest hospitality company in its quest to provide hotel partners with a digital experience unmatched by any other organisation of its size. As digitalisation advances and travelers increasingly expect enhanced and dynamic online interactions with hotels, Avvio and Marriott Digital Services are working together to continue exceeding these expectations.

Rich Tuckwell, Global VP at Avvio, tells, “We’re absolutely delighted to be working with the largest hotel group in the world on such an amazing project. Both Marriott Digital Services and Avvio are forward-thinking and innovative companies that put the guest at the centre of everything, and deliver exceptional online experiences that produce results. As technology advances so do our possibilities and together, I think Avvio and MDS can provide guests with unmatched digital excellence.”

More about Marriott Digital Services Marriott Digital Services (MDS) is Marriott International’s comprehensive in-house digital services solution for hotels. Originally founded in 2008 under the name Emerge, the program was an industry first: an in-house, cost-recoverable service providing website management, linked collaboratively managed and sourced search engine optimization exclusively for Marriott International’s hotel partner websites.


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From the outset, Avvio has consistently delivered impressive results and is now proud to support a client base of over 350 hotels and serviced apartments across the UK, Ireland and North America.

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