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Manchester hotel makes history with world’s most expensive beer at £55,000

by | Sep 20, 2019 | News

The victim Peter Lalor and the world’s most expensive beer! (Photos: Peter Lalor)

Australian journalist mistakenly charged £55k for one single beer in Manchester

An Australian journalist was left wide-eyed after getting a £55k for one beer at the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester.

We find out what happened with this pricey mistake.

Malmaison mistakenly goes for broke

It’s no secret that prices continue to soar for food and drink across Britain, but one hotel in Manchester takes the cake when it comes to overpriced bevies.

Peter Lalor, an Australian journalist in town to cover the Ashes, almost choked on his beer when he realized that it had set him back more than £55,000.

Lalor, understandably, was gobsmacked, commenting, “Australians find England pretty expensive usually, but this takes the cake. That’s a lot of money. I’m just a cricket writer, I don’t earn big bucks and it’s costing me in interest.”

However, the Malmaison Hotel cannot really take credit for serving what could possibly be deemed as the most expensive beer in history, as the incorrect amount was charged to Lalor’s card.

The beer, a Deuchers IPA, should have cost £5.50, but the bartender inadvertently tapped a few extra zeros into the machine when charging the journalist, who got a bill for £55,315.12 instead.

Investigation and apologies

Lalor had to have his wits about him to catch the mistake, as it wasn’t immediately picked up by bar staff. He said he had a “sixth sense” that something was awry and asked the barmaid to confirm the amount once the payment had gone through.

The manager was called, and although attempts were made to refund the payment, the money had already left the account, along with a £1,000 transaction fee.

Lalor was assured the money would be back in his account within ten days, but he says, “Until the money comes back, I won’t rest easy.”

The hotel’s management has taken the matter seriously and launched an investigation into the incident.

A hotel spokesman said, “We are currently carrying out an investigation into what took place. We have been in contact with Peter to apologise and ensure this is resolved as quickly as possible.”

Luckily, the beer itself was worth it, with Lalor tweeting, “It’s a good beer. The original version of it won a heap of awards, including the Supreme Champion Beer of Britain, but if you are thinking that no beer is worth the best part of 100,000 dollars, then I am inclined to agree with you.”





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