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livecookintable turns the hotel lobby into a social hub – a case study

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Suppliers

MEC2 – the developer of livecookintable, proves that buffet furniture is far more than just a modular system, but also a driving force of progress, diversity and creativity. MEC2 designs the future for select service hotels to rethink what’s usually a hotel’s most memorable feature: its lobby.

Business trips can be such lonely adventures. Away from family and friends, after the meetings die down, what’s left is often a solo drink, or solo meal. Hotels are recognizing this situation and are increasingly changing the lobby into a social hub where conversation, small group work is just as at home as breakfast, a snack or the cocktail with DJ-Music in the evening.

“We as MEC2 recognized the innovation-change. There are new styles of hotels coming, and new features…and we are able to scale this innovation into all-day use solutions”, says Norbert Fischbach, founder of the livecookintable brand.

The demand for the pop-ups like livecookintable is increasing considerably today. Especially in the lobby area it is important to constantly align with the needs of the guest and also of the most flexible infrastructure as a simple drop-in concept with plug & play functionality. That makes livecookintable more than being simply modular.

Another strength of livecookintable is the freedom of design for interior designers, kitchen consultants and architects. The unlimited possibilities in color selection, materials and decors ensure the sustainability of the product with the ability to change over time with extremely low cost.

The livecookintable presentation is available upon request. Email: [email protected]

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livecookintable set the standards in contemporary, modular furniture design and innovative kitchen technology. It's as easy as Lego - plug and play.


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