The success of a hotel, in large part, relies on the success of its advertising. While the guest experience will remain the ultimate differentiator across properties, capturing the attention of prospective new guests, maximizing ad spend, and driving direct bookings remains paramount. After all, an exceptional guest experience can only be provided after the guest has decided to step foot on the property.

With this in mind, metasearch engines have emerged as a critical distribution platform over the last few years, enabling hotels to drive cost-effective bookings, while reducing reliance on OTAs. In an effort to further examine the power of metasearch and better understand the state of hotel advertising, D-EDGE conducted a new study to help hotels plan and allocate their marketing budgets in the coming weeks and months.

The report works to not only analyze canonical metasearch platforms but also to highlight the advertising channels that, directly or indirectly, contribute to hotels’ direct revenue. The findings are representative of a fixed pool of 954 properties worldwide and revealed some significant insights, including a +300% increase in bookings linked to digital advertising since 2012.

Display Advertising Yields Reliable Results

It’s no secret that online display advertising can help to drive relevant traffic to a hotel’s website. From the guest point of view, compelling visual inspiration can play a pivotal role in their decision to book and typically yields higher consumer engagement. These ads are also unique in that they aren’t shown directly in search engine results, therefore increasing property visibility without any risk of ‘traffic cannibalization’. With the ability to target and re-target consumers and specific demographics across multiple sites, hoteliers can effectively bring their hotel to life across channels and increase website traffic while inspiring booking decisions.

According to the report, the positive trend of display advertising shows no sign of slowing down; in 2019 alone, display advertising across multiple platforms generated as many bookings as Google Hotel Ads and Tripadvisor combined. Moreover, in the case of D-EDGE clients, they were able to achieve 9x ROI (or more) across channels, making it an incredibly safe and reliable advertising investment.

Metasearch is Still the Winning Formula, Especially Google Hotel Ads

Since 2013, metasearch has established its position as one of the most reliable advertising channels for hoteliers, and a preferred online booking method for prospective guests. It would seem that, despite industry changes led by changing guest behavior, the same remains to be true today — metasearch is still the winning formula. These channels include Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Tripadvisor, HotelsCombined, and Kayak.

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