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by | Mar 2, 2017 | Chains

The year 2017 stands to be a busy one for InterContinental Hotels Group’s Hotel Indigo brand.

In fact, in the coming months, that particular brand imprint has 20 projects slated to be complete. Indeed, this year is one of prolific and steady expansion for that particular hotel brand. Some of this growth will even carry into the coming years, as the brand has 9 more projects slated to be complete in 2018, 3 more in 2019 or beyond, and 4 others that are currently listed as to be announced, according to information from TOPHOTELPROJECTS database.

Standing somewhat apart of current global hospitality industry trends, which has seen the bulk of expansion taking place in the North America and Asia Pacific regions, Hotel Indigo is expanding most aggressively into the European region. The brand expects 13 projects to open on that continent, giving it an addition of 1,788 new rooms for guests. Although, to be fair, Hotel Indigo’s growth in North America is nearly as prolific as it is in Europe. In North America, the brand will be ushering in 11 new projects in the coming years, which are expected to yield a total of 1,649 rooms on that continent.

The Asia Pacific region is also slated to be home to a total of 9 new Hotel Indigo projects, which will then yield a total of 1,498 rooms for guests in Asia proper and Australia to enjoy. And while there are no plans currently underway for the brand to add destinations in the Latin American region, it has 3 projects coming in the Middle East, which will yield it a total of 678 new rooms there.

All told, once these many projects have been completed, Hotel Indigo will have added 36 projects for a grand total of 5,613 new rooms. Most of this growth will be wrapping up soon, as information from the TOPHOTELPROJECTS database shows that 20 Hotel Indigo projects are currently under construction, with 11 in the planning phase and 5 more in the pre-opening phase.

So, yes, there are quite a few new Hotel Indigo rooms coming to many, many parts of the world, but what are these rooms and projects actually like?

Well, the Hotel Indigo brand is a luxurious one, to be sure, and it’s an influential one as well. Hotel Indigopromotes itself as the first branded boutique hotel experience. Giving the shifting demographics in the global hospitality industry—millennials are fast replacing the older generations as the most financially influential travelers—luxury branded boutique hotels have never been more important for major hotel companies to invest in. Hotel Indigo’s recent pressing expansion efforts are certainly in keeping with this trend, and, if the present market forces are any indication, the brand will continue to be vital for many years to come.


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