Let Guests Stream Their Entertainment!

by | Jun 2, 2018 | Suppliers

TeleAdapt is at the forefront of the next revolution in hotel in-room entertainment with Roomcast, a smart hub and Chromecast streaming solution.

Hotel guests have access to a world of content via their mobile devices using Netflix, YouTube and many, many more apps. Roomcast, powered by Google Chromecast, offers simple, safe and secure streaming of content from a wide range of providers to the in-room TV. Roomcast brings the same Google Chromecast experience that millions enjoy every day in their own homes to hotel guests.

Roomcast makes it really simple for guests to stream content from their favourite services to the guestroom TV. There is nothing for the guest to download, no email address required and no password to remember. All a guest has to do is join a secure, private wireless network and cast. Hotels can customise the welcome screen to complement their style and brand. There are no contracts and no impact on existing wi-fi network.

Roomcast also offers Bluetooth audio streaming and a guest HDMI input to support non-cast enabled devices.

Roomcast is a platform that can be developed to support other exciting features. For example Roomcast could act as an IoT gateway to allow control of guest-room IOT end points, present a user interface for in-room dining or interface with guest loyalty schemes. By default control is through the TV but could equally be via a hand-held device or even voice control. The possibilities are endless.

As guest-room connectivity specialists, TeleAdapt provide a range of solutions for media, power and audio designed to enhance your guests stay.


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TeleAdapt has 25 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and supply of connectivity products to the hospitality industry.

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