Learn about the unique alchemy of “La Bottega”, market leader in the cosmetic amenities industry

by | May 28, 2017 | Suppliers

Fashion, body & skin care, art, perfumery, design, architecture. These features define the unique alchemy of La Bottega, market leader in the cosmetic amenities industry. The company was established in 1981 and since then the growth has been exponential. La Bottega’s founder, Umberto Pacini, foresaw the importance of customizaton in the hospitality business at a time when no one else was diversifying. This pioneering approach has resonated with customers who appreciate the mix of raw creativity and cutting edge technology.

The couturiers of the hotel world.

Just like any person, each hotel has its own personality. Understanding the uniqueness of each property means that, in some ways, we are like a designer and tailor combined into one, cutting and sewing a custom-made dress, creating a unique, exclusive, bespoke “garment.”

“Care for detail is our main commitment because style makes the difference and difference is enhanced by details.”

Art and quality go hand in hand.

La Bottega is a real fashion house of ideas, design and production with a strong Italian heritage, having established some of the most important partnerships and collaborations with renoun brands to create a “total look” for hotels, resorts and the hospitality industry. We work to breathe life into unique cosmetic creations that, through our artistic collaborations, capture the distinctive personality and DNA of each unique property, with a stark belief that a scent is truly a work of art. Collaboration with our partners is a constant work in progress. A challenging adventure. Versatility and flexibility allow us to create personalized brands that are unique and made-to-measure exclusively for our customers.

We are excited to be taking this creativity to a new dimension by launching our brand-new e-commerce platform, dedicated to the Hospitality Industry, where property owners and managers can find their best olfactive experiences with the help of prestigious brands such as Etro, Cavalli, Trussardi, Maison Margiela, Ortigia, etc. The label of “Made in Italy”, along with their international reputation for excellence and reliability, makes La Bottega unique.

― About the Supplier ―

La Bottega is a creative hub of storytelling for the hotel industry.


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