L‘ amour toujours: French Connection at the 25hours Hotel Das Tour

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Chains

In the Düsseldorf district, Le Quartier Central, the new 25hours Hotel Das Tour has been welcoming guests since 17 May. The hotel at Louis-Pasteur-Platz 1 is home to 198 rooms in a variety of categories and themes. Over a total of 17 floors, Das Tour forms the central point of one of the largest urban development projects in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The major Rhine city of Düsseldorf and its proximity to France inspired the Swedish creative team, Stylt Trampoli, to weave German engineering and French artistic flair into a holistic concept for the new hotel. Das Tour is brought alive by the interplay between the different characters and virtues of these two great European nations. The French chambres are fitted with terracotta floors, furnished in warm shades of wood, and exude an artistic flair. In contrast, the German rooms with their straightforward design and clear colours perfectly reflect the theme of engineering. The 25 rooms on the south side of the building have a very special extra: their own balconies and French bathtubs. The public areas on the ground floor attract travellers and locals alike. In addition to tasty treats at Café La Tour, fresh flowers and decorative accessories in the flower shop next door, the ground floor is also home to a kiosk that offers bikes and accessories for mobile urbanites.

Restaurant and bar are the highlight: The Paris Club spans the top two floors, and attracts visitors with its unique view over the city’s rooftops. In the restaurant on the 16th floor, savoir-vivre is reinterpreted. Modern France sets the tone here. The Bar of the Paris Club takes the love of France to a new level, serving exclusively French products. Jörg Meyer will use the bar to indulge his love of French highballs. The bar staff conjure up cocktails with cognac and sauvignon blanc, as well as drinks named after well-known French figures that bear their hallmarks, such as Coco before Chanel, and Monet, Monet. Contrasting delightfully with the elegant restaurant, the Paris Club Bar exudes the laid-back atmosphere of an artist’s studio and offers a fantastic view of the city from the 20-metre-long bar counter.

The building was developed by ECE Projektmanagement GmbH, and implemented in collaboration with the renowned Düsseldorf-based architecture firm, HPP Architekten. Led by the firm’s partner Werner Sübai and the project manager Jan Sauermann, the team fashioned a slender high-rise with an unruffled metal facade, rising above its location as a solitary structure. The hotel is owned by PATRIZIA Immobilien AG, who acquired the development project at the beginning of 2016 as a property fund.


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