KniTec’s hospitality television industry outlook for Q3 2021

by | 25 Jun 2021 | Suppliers

Shortages in television components such as MOSFETs, insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), sensors and microcontrollers are expected to impact upon the industry.

A shortage in major television components is impacting the availability and cost of digital displays. Here’s how KniTec can help lessen the blow.

Many hoteliers have already felt the price increases on LCD TV panels commonly used in guestrooms, lobbies and other public spaces. And unfortunately, according to major manufacturers and supply-chain experts, this trend will continue throughout 2021 and into 2022.

Why the increase?

While Covid and the associated lockdowns have negatively impacted supply chains, they’re not entirely to blame.

In fact, shortages in television components such as MOSFETs, insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), sensors and microcontrollers are expected to impact upon the industry even after other markets recover from Covid, according to Jamey Mann, director of global purchasing at electronics manufacturing services provider Kimball Electronics.

In addition to semiconductors and chips, there is also a limited supply of glass for LED displays, further impacting television and professional audio-visual display cost and lead time.

“We are beginning to see some shortages, but that’s really what we’re expecting to see this summer,” says Sandi Stambaugh, vice president of product management at Synnex Corp, a distributor of AV devices.

Together, these elements create a perfect storm of supply-chain challenges impacting virtually everything with a screen. Hoteliers will feel the effects of these challenges through price increases on displays and lead time. Click here to read more.

KniTec can help!

Our goal is not to cast doom and gloom. In fact, if you have a project on the horizon, KniTec’s project managers can help you navigate the new landscape and lock in the industry’s best prices on hospitality televisions and professional audio-visual technology.

As the largest hospitality technology dealer in the country, KniTec has the direct access to leading hospitality television brands and, with our vast warehouse network, we can ship quickly.

Talk with us today: 866-469-7111 or [email protected]

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