Kaldewei Meisterstücke: Designer bathtubs and washbasins for premium hotel accomodations

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Hotel guests have very high expectations of premium accommodation when it comes to relaxation and recreation. Many guests take it for granted that a luxury hotel will offer first-class service and excellent amenities. So what they are looking for is something extra in the shape of special experiences that will make their stay memorable. In light of this the bathroom has become enormously important and there is a trend, in particular, towards exclusive, freestanding bathtubs, which have become the calling card of luxury hotels. The premium bathroom manufacturer Kaldewei has developed a unique generation of high-end designer bathtubs and washbasins. Enamelled bathtub panelling in a single, seamless material makes these “Meisterstücke” into precious objects of modern bathroom culture.

For many people, individual luxury means being set apart from the crowd and enjoying something truly special. That is why luxury hotels all over the world have chosen the unique qualities of the premium Meisterstücke collection from Kaldewei. With these multi award-winning, freestanding and fully enamelled bathtubs and washbasins, hotels can offer their guests the perfect stage for sublime moments of luxury. The Meisterstücke made of Kaldewei steel enamel meet guests’ demanding expectations and are attractive not only because of their exclusive designs but also because of their exceptional quality, ease of cleaning and longevity. Kaldewei backs up its quality promise with a 30-year material warranty.

Iconic bathtubs with extraordinary design concepts

The Kaldewei Meisterstücke fulfil the wish for lavish bathroom architecture with a freestanding bathtub. Kaldewei offers six highly appealing bathtub designs: Conoduo, Asymmetric Duo, Centro and Classic Duo Oval as well as Emerso and Incava which were created in close collaboration with the illustrious designers Arik Levy and Anke Salomon. One highlight is the Meisterstück Classic Duo Oval with which Kaldewei brings a classic bathtub back into the modern bathroom. This freestanding and timelessly beautiful bathtub is framed in seamless panelling made of superior Kaldewei steel enamel. The harmonious interplay between the soft, oval contours and tapering external lines in conjunction with the narrow bathtub rim produce a very distinctive aesthetic. The two comfortable back rests furthermore guarantee relaxed bathing pleasure – for one or two people alike.

Kaldewei Meisterstücke allow for diverse installation options

Hotels greatly value individuality and flexibility. While the freestanding Kaldewei Meisterstücke have always created the best conditions for defining a bathroom’s atmosphere, the Meisterstücke Conoduo and Centro Duo Oval can also be perfectly installed against walls or in a corner, thanks to their two or three-sided panelling. This additional design scope has already proved persuasive to the 5-star Schloss Elmau hotel which features both the freestanding Meisterstück Centro Duo Oval and the version with panelling on two sides.

Multi award-winning: the Kaldewei Meisterstücke

The Kaldewei Meisterstücke can be stylishly presented within the architecture of the bathroom, be it in combination with matching washbasins and enamelled shower surfaces or as a virtuoso soloist. One of the features that most notably makes them unique is their enamelled panelling in a single, seamless material. This distinctiveness is reinforced by a number of prestigious design awards for the freestanding bathtubs in the Kaldewei Meisterstücke collection including the “red dot design award 2015”, the “iF Design award 2015” and the “Iconic Award 2016”.

For more information www.kaldewei.de

Source: Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG.



Kaldewei Meisterstück Classic Duo Oval

Image source: KALDEWEI

Kaldewei Hyatt Hotel Vienna

Image source: Richard Watzke

Kaldewei Schloss Elmau Retreat

Image source: Schloss Elmau

Kaldewei 25hours Bikini Berlin

Image source: KALDEWEI

Kaldewei Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

Image source: Four Seasons Hotel

Kaldewei Breidenbacher Hof Düsseldorf

Image source: Robert Reck, 2014

Kaldewei Lech Lodge Österreich

Image source: Lech Lodge Alpine Residence

Kaldewei The Chedi Andermatt

Image source: Reto Guntil


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