Kaldewei Meisterstück enhances Singapore’s new five-star hotel

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Suppliers

“The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore“ in the heart of the metropolis of Singapore is a six-star hotel offering a magnificent ambience combined with excellent service for a perfectly luxurious getaway. Each bathroom is carefully furnished with exquisite materials and exclusive design: 142 rooms of the hotel feature the freestanding Kaldewei Meisterstück Centro Duo Oval bathtub lauded with multiple awards for its pioneering design, promising a bathing experience of the finest.

A stylish image

“The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore” joins vintage architecture with modern design to present a stylish image: The historic facilities of the former Capitol and the Victorian Stamford House were masterly converted by Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Richard Meier and the prestigious Jaya International Design with focus on maintaining the value of the two historically interesting structures. The result is an architectural masterpiece that offers its guests glamorously appointed rooms and suites with a wealth of other highlights – from Singapore’s first and only outdoor salt water pool through to the hotel’s own confectionery. What is more, The Capitol is known for providing a service that is tailored precisely to meet the needs of each guest. It is not least this first-class guest service that has earned the luxury hotel a ranking in the list of the “Leading Hotels of the World”.

Masterful bathroom design with Kaldewei

Exclusive equipment and maximum comfort extend all the way to the bathrooms of the “The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore”. Perfectly elegant in design, the Meisterstück Centro Duo Oval forms an exciting contrast to the opulent bathroom architecture, inviting guests to indulge in a relaxing bath of pure luxury. The freestanding bathtub made of Kaldewei steel enamel stands out with its aesthetic style and unique material properties. Both the bathtub and its panelling are made entirely of steel enamel. The resulting seamless finish offers flawless perfection for an exquisite look that is exceptionally durable and easy to clean – a combination satisfying the high standards of both the guests and management of “The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore”. The outstanding design and excellent quality of the elegant products make Kaldewei the perfect partner for international high-end hotels – whether privately managed establishments in the luxury segment or premium hotel chains.


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KALDEWEI offers bathrooms of superior quality and unmistakable style, with shower surface, bathtub and washbasin made completely of one material.


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