Kaldewei and e15 with a spectacular staging at Fuorisalone: “Bath[o]philia” as a creative oasis in the heart of the Milanese design metropolis

Kaldewei once again captivates visitors from around the world with a spectacular presentation at Fuorisalone 2024 in Milan. Alongside the Frankfurt-based interior label e15 and celebrated British designer Bethan Laura Wood, the bathroom manufacturer invites guests to Casa Flash Art in Palazzo Durini, situated in the vibrant design metropolis. The premium location, hosted by the Italian art magazine Flash Art, provides an ideal setting for groundbreaking bathroom installations. Here, Kaldewei and e15 showcase a new collection of furniture and accessories for progressive bathrooms. Responsible for the design language is Stefan Diez, who works for both premium brands. Equally impressive is the design series by Bethan Laura Wood, transforming glazed bathroom objects into true works of art.

For its presence at the Milan Furniture Fair, Kaldewei merges visionary design with sustainability and meditative aspects. The entire presentation revolves around the concept of “Bath[o]philia,” inspired by the positivist concept of “Biophilia” by German philosopher Erich Fromm. This term combines the ancient Greek words “Bios” for life and “Philia” for love. At Kaldewei, Fromm’s “passionate love for life and all living things” is translated into the neologism “Bathophilia” – the bath as a retreat for lively moments full of harmony, devotion, and aesthetic enjoyment. With “Bath[o]philia” at Fuorisalone, Kaldewei creates an intimate sanctuary, an oasis of calm amidst the pulsating center of Milan.


Casa Flash Art provides the perfect setting

With Palazzo Durini, also known as Palazzo Caproni di Taledo, Kaldewei has found a true gem among Milan’s premium locations. The journey through the multi-story palazzo is impressive, leading through a luxurious patio with a koi pond and enchanted pavilion. From there, visitors enter Casa Flash Art, where e15 and Kaldewei present their creations on multiple levels. Besides their pronounced passion for sustainable materials and products, the two premium manufacturers are united by their collaboration with one of Germany’s most sought-after designers, Stefan Diez. Diez is responsible for the creative design of the presented e15 furniture and accessories as well as Kaldewei’s bathroom products. The collaboration between the two family-owned companies is based on shared values and combines progressive design with luxurious materials.


The new e15 for Kaldewei collection designed by Stefan Diez

The furniture of the new collection is crafted from solid European oak. Stools and benches, a footboard, a towel holder, and a bathtub bridge made of oiled oak serve various functions. They are complemented by accessories made of soft, water-repellent leather. Practically clever, the bag and towel loop can be magnetically attached to the edge of the tub. The warm and natural surfaces of the e15 for Kaldewei collection complement the iconic Kaldewei products made of glazed titanium steel, offered in a unique color palette.


Bethan Laura Wood completes the Bath[o]philia concept

Guests of Casa Flash Art can look forward to another highlight: under the name “Avocado Dreams,” British designer Bethan Laura Wood has created a complete bathroom edition including bathtub, shower area, and washbasin for Kaldewei. These objects, made of noble steel enamel and decorated with almost psychedelic patterns by Wood, are true art pieces – initially seeming more suited for an art gallery than a private sanctuary. The shimmering color palette and swirling patterns underscore the passionate love for the living and thus perfectly fit Kaldewei’s Bath[o]philia concept.


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