JUNG: a design icon unfolds its spectrum of classic elegance

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Suppliers

The Raffles Europejski luxury hotel in the Polish capitol of Warsaw looks back on an eventful past: built in 1857 by the Italian-Polish architect Henryk Marconi, the palace, designed in the neo-renaissance style, rapidly advanced to become the creative centre of Warsaw, a meeting point for writers, poets and artists.

The Raffles Europejski: a luxurious oasis

Lovingly furnished with special pieces of modern Polish art, the luxury hotel, which has been elegantly refurbished by interior designer Boris Kudlicka from WWAA, is the ideal place from which to explore Warsaw’s lively atmosphere. The Raffles Europejski is a luxurious oasis for discerning guests: 106 spacious rooms and suites offer vistas onto Warsaw’s old city centre and the Saxon Garden.

The hotel is fitted with the LS 990 classic switch from JUNG in the aluminium, classic brass and antique brass designs. Strictly minimalist, organic or sensuously opulent: with its subtle design, the LS 990 is perfect for all varieties of architectural concepts.


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JUNG is a premium supplier of modern building technology systems. Switches, sockets, dimmers, monitoring devices and systems for controlling functionality in both private and commercial environments are included in the portfolio of this traditional, medium-sized company.


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