JUMAstudio dresses the world’s Top Chefs

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Suppliers

Jamil Juma presenting awards to the Top Chefs

JUMAstudio was selected at this years “Chef par Excellence Culinary Competition” in Shanghai to dress the worlds best culinary talent which was co-hosted by Le Cordon Blue, and the authoritative bilingual food publication, Global Gourmet,which is based in Beijing.

The event each year aims to select outstanding chefs and enhance communication among different culinary cultures. Among over 350 global entries, 60 chefs, mostly from global luxury hotels and restaurant brands, were recognized as “Outstanding Chefs”. The food was evaluated by a prestigious 20 person jury panel, including 3-Michelin-star chef Umberto Bombana and 2-Michelin-star chef Dong Zhenxiang.

JUMAstudio, a design company, that has created uniforms and soft furnishings for luxury brands such as Ritz Carlton hotels, Four Seasons hotels and W hotels, was tasked to create something iconic for all the chefs and judges to wear during the competition. “The idea was to create a chef wardrobe that reflected the culinary diversity of the prestigious judges as well as the chef participants who were competing to get recognized as the world best. We wanted the look to be contemporary, crisp and at the same time functional. We used a screenprinted face print motif from our ready-to-wear fashion collection to make their outfits playful”


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Founded in 2003, JUMAstudio is a lifestyle company and design studio specializing in uniforms, soft furnishings, gift products and hotel styling.


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