Good design can be the difference between a successful hotel endeavour and one that fails to take off. German design consultancy firm JOI Design knows what’s what when it comes to making your hotel shine. We take a look at some of their recent projects.

Design led from start to finish

For over 30 years, JOI Design has been realising unique hospitality projects for some of the world’s biggest hotel brands, including CURIO by Hilton, Le Méridien, JW Marriott, Hyatt Place and Capri by Fraser. Their interdisciplinary team includes interior designers, architects and services engineers, who come together to assess the project brief and come up with bespoke design solutions for everything from boutique hotels to luxury resorts. They are experts at making a client’s vision come to life through careful planning and meticulously executed project management.

Hotel am Leuchtturm, Warnemünde, Germany

JOI Design were responsible for giving iconic seaside property Hotel am Leuchtturm in Warnemünde, Germany a tasteful yet modern overhaul and bringing it into the 21st century. The renovation of this traditional hotel retained its maritime architectural style, while giving it a contemporary flair with new additions in materials, artworks and fittings. The colour palette reflects the coastal location, and natural materials have been used in the new interior design to echo the typical constructions of the area.

Moxy Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Marriott’s uber successful lifestyle brand Moxy enlisted JOI Design to help them create their property in the German capital Berlin. Moxy Berlin is a hip blend of industrial and trendy, channelling the aesthetic popular with the hotel’s millennial demographic. The hotel’s interior is casual and cosy, yet sophisticated and stylish, everything you would expect from a Moxy branded property. The hotel’s concept centres around the iconic Berlin Bear, and this motif appears on walls that also boast lightweight timber and metal shelving units, graffiti and quirky objects like vinyl records and 3D typography. The hotel is organised into different zones, each with their own character that tells the story of Berlin.


Apartment der Zukunft, Unna, Germany

The design for these two serviced apartments was the brainchild of JOI Design in collaboration with three other design partners working under a creative director. Translating into English as “Future Apartment”, these extended stay residences are a projection of design trends that are intended to represent the future of the serviced apartment. The studio apartment is designed to appeal to younger travelers, while the one bedroom apartment targets discerning guests who want to put their own stamp on the flat over the course of their stay. The design of both apartment is flexible yet comfortable, allowing guests to feel like they are in a home away from home.


More information on Joi-design can be found on TOPHOTELSUPPLIER,  the specialized service provider in the exchange of cutting-edge information of hotel construction in the international hospitality industry.

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