Is Big Brother watching? How to find hidden cameras in your hotel

by | Apr 29, 2019 | General News

Is your hotel room watching you? Learn how to find out!

These tricks and tools will ensure that you aren’t being recorded without knowing it when you travel

Recently troubling reports have surfaced Airbnb hosts and even the odd hotel owner, who put hidden cameras in their properties without letting guests know.

While hotels have long taken legal action against any employee caught doing this, Airbnb is just now working to crack down on hosts who do not let their guests know about cameras on the property in the listing.

Still, the careful guest can never be too sure that their hosts are complying to the rules.

That’s why today we are sharing some tips and tricks for finding hidden cameras, whether you are staying in an Airbnb or at a hotel.

Examine any odd-looking gadgets

This one sounds obvious, but it’s sound advice all the same.

While many hotels are adding new and groundbreaking technologies, if one doesn’t look quite right to you, you should check it out. Gadgets that look a little bulky or out of place may contain a hidden camera.

For an idea of what to look for, here is a list of items you can find on Amazon which have hidden cameras in them: clocks, smoke detectors, plants, mirrors, light bulbs, speakers and even USB phone chargers.

If one of these devices looks off, check it out, especially if it’s in a place you wouldn’t expect to find it, like the bathroom or shower.

Use a flashlight to discover hidden camera lenses

A camera will always have a lens, and the vast majority of lenses are made of glass.

Since glass is more reflective than other materials, it becomes easy to spot by the glint when you shine a light on it.

A small camera lens hidden in another object will be more reflective than the surface surrounding it.

To find it, turn out all the lights in your room and do a few sweeps with your flashlight. A reflection coming off an odd object is a sign you should examine it more closely.

Wi-Fi sniffing apps can find smart devices

Finally, using technology of your own can be a great way to sniff out nefarious technology planted by others.

Most modern hidden cameras use wireless connectivity which goes through a router. This enables the user to stream its footage remotely.

However, covertly using Wi-Fi this way makes them more vulnerable to detection. You can download smartphone apps which can display wireless devices connected to a WiFi network in your room.

With recent reports about hidden cameras in rooms, the tips above are a great way to scan your room to reveal hidden cameras right after checking in.

While these methods aren’t entirely foolproof, they are helpful and a great practice to get into when traveling these days.


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