Introducing Jensen & Slumberland to the French hotel market

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Suppliers

Staying at a hotel is definitely something special. Not only because of the stay itself and the provided service, but also in matters of the big fluffy bed and a good night’s sleep. And you have to admit that at some point, once you’ve checked out from a hotel, you’ve kept the well-rested experience close to heart for a long time.

In November of 2018, Hilding Anders’ Contract team were present at EquipHotel Trade Show in Paris, an international exhibition with approximately 1 600 exhibitors from all around the world who cater to the hospitality industry. The 5-day event was held at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles and attracted more than 110 000 visitors.

Hilding Anders had colleagues from different parts of the world attending the event, all with the goal of presenting a complete assortment of beds and mattresses specifically constructed for hotels. A key happening at the stand was the introduction of the Slumberland brand to the French hotel market which garnered a lot of attention from various regional customers. The brand will deliver high quality beds and mattresses to the upper tier hotels, within the 4 to 5-star range, and several orders were made during the 5-day event.

Hilding Anders has successfully been delivering beds and mattresses to the hospitality industry for more than 40 years. Our experience and expertise enable us to meet the wishes of our customers and at the same time we comply with all the relevant hygiene and safety requirements. Therefore, many international hotel and hospitality organizations have chosen us to be their partner.

One of the reason why we have longstanding relationships with our customers is because of our continuous investment in product development and innovation. The combination of craftsmanship and modern technologies forms the basis for the success of our product range and our premium brand “Jensen” epitomizes this notion. During the EquipHotel event the brand was introduced to the French market and much attention was directed towards its’ new innovation, the “Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment”.


Customized sleep conditions – each night

By using Exact Comfort Adjustment you get to choose whether you’d like a more firm bed or a softer one, depending on what support makes you most comfortable. And obviously that could change from one customer to another. By adjusting the mid zone of the mattress to a firmer bedding while sleeping on one side or on your stomach, you’ll reduce the strain on your lower back and also experience increased support for the entire body.

If you were to lower the zone, on the other hand, you’ll get a softer bedding and achieve a more relaxed position. Choose between two opportunities as for controlling the mid zone, either by Jensen’s smartphone app or by using a remote control. In short words, the Exact Comfort Adjustment is made to set new possibilities for sleep quality and is designed for each who wishes to customize the firmness of the bed – each night.


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The mission of Hilding Anders is “Giving the world a good night’s sleep” . 9.500 colleagues at 25 sites with deliveries on 40+ markets share this commitment, making us the undisputed leader for beds and mattresses in Europe, Russia and Asia.

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