International Day of Older Persons: Accessible Bathroom Planning with GROHE as an Expert

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Suppliers

• Only 17 percent of bathrooms in Germany can be used into old age
• German KfW banking group supports funding of bathroom renovations performed by specialist installers
• Grohe offers a product portfolio for more comfort, hygiene and safety

Düsseldorf, 2nd October 2018. Today, one in five Germans is older than 65 years of age. In 2030 half of Germans will be older than 48 years old. The International Day of Older Persons on October 1 st offers an opportunity to look at the multi-generational equipment of German bathrooms and to show that only 17 percent of German bathrooms are considered accessible so far. According to surveys, 70 percent of the people in Germany think their bathroom is not adequate for when they get older, an alarming rate if the current demographic trend continues.

Securing Funds for Bathroom Renovations 
For many seniors it is important to ensure their quality of life at an old age. Above all, this means living independently in their usual environment for as long as possible. As a result, housing construction needs to be more and more geared towards providing adaptable and barrier-free solutions. In the KfW “Senior-friendly Renovations” grant programme, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI) will provide € 75 million in funding for removing barriers in private homes and flats in 2018. Up to € 6.250 can be used for each complete transformation of a living space. The only condition is the proper installation by a specialist company.

Intelligent Technology for Improved Safety
Good design planning and a good floor plan are crucial when it comes to making a bathroom as user-friendly as possible. 68 percent of consumers want to find out more about multi-generational bathrooms at certified specialists of the sanitary industry and 45 percent when they visit bathroom exhibitions. In addition to avoiding thresholds, barriers and sharp edges, safety above all is mandatory. For this, innovative solutions guarantee using the bathroom in a barrier-free manner. In particular, dealing with hot water in the bathroom requires special care in order to avoid household accidents such as scalding caused by extreme temperature fluctuation.

For single-lever mixers on sinks, the maximum temperature can be most effectively limited with an upstream Grohe Grohtherm Micro thermostat. Under the shower and for tub-shower combinations, the Grohe TurboStat technology ensures a constant and pleasant water temperature. With the Grohe CoolTouch technology, the fitting’s body and other objects such as hand showers are protected against excessive heating of their surface. Simple handling due to clear pictograms on the fitting is made possible with the Grohe EasyLogic technology. The temperature indicator located on the fitting lets users know immediately in which direction they need to turn the button to get the desired temperature. Another innovation is the SafeStop safety feature with which the temperature setting is set at a maximum of 38 degrees Celsius; accidental adjustments are no longer possible.
Only when the SafeStop button is pushed, a temperature of over 38 degrees Celsius can be selected.

The simple operation of faucets and showers also has an impact on safety in the bathroom. For a smooth and dynamic use of the fittings that avoid abrupt movements, Grohe developed the Grohe SilkMove technology for single-lever mixers on sinks which enables particularly easy lever movements. Non-contact fittings such as the Essence E are operated by infrared sensors, making it no longer necessary to touch the fitting. The shower system Grohe SmartControl offers an intuitive push and turn button control unit that is easy to understand for all generations. The shower can be operated at the push of a button; the desired amount of water from ECO to maximum is set by means of a regulator. When the button is pushed again, the water flow stops and the setting will be saved for the next time.

More Hygiene and Comfort Regardless of the Degree of Mobility The prejudice that barrier-free bathroom planning cannot be combined with high design standards has long since been disproved. For instance, shower trays with a particularly low profile are increasingly being used in private bathrooms. A similar development is also apparent for toilets. For example, the innovative Grohe Sensia Arena shower toilet uses the gentle power of water to cleanse and care for the skin. Jet type, intensity and temperature can be individually set, saved and reapplied. An integrated warm air dryer ensures a pleasant drying experience. Especially people who want to continue to live in their own home when they get older or have physical limitations can appreciate the low cleaning efforts that come with Grohe shower toilets: Thus, the AquaCeramic technology in combination with the HyperClean surface prevents bacterial growth by 99 percent.

― About the Supplier ―

GROHE is Germany’s premier sanitary fittings brand and a world-leader in the bathroom market and their products are perfectly placed to meet the rigorous demands of the hospitality sector.

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