InterContinental Hotels and Resorts to go bigger in 2017

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Chains

2017 looks to be a productive year for British hotel giant InterContinental Hotels and Resorts. Founded in 1967, the parent company InterContinental Hotel Group has grown its portfolio to include such reputable brands as Crowne Plaza and the Holiday Inn, and has a global presence in over 100 countries worldwide. The group’s hotels range from 5 star resorts to 3 star lodgings, and five years ago it boasted over 4,400 hotels across the globe, with that number rising to 5,099 at the moment, according to the most recent figures on its website, cementing its position as a leading industry player.

The story continues in earnest this year. After a conservative 2016 with only one new opening, InterContinental Hotels and Resorts is planning a serious expansion, with 28 projected new openings over the next twelve months. Some of these developments will be located in North America, with 8 projects in the final, pre-opening stages on this continent. These 8 new hotels claim a total kew count of 3,217. The group intend to roll out an impressive 54 new hotels, including this year’s 28, over the coming years. Currently, the majority of these are under construction, which bodes well for the 13 planned openings in 2018 and the 8 projects that are slated to open in 2019.

IHG will also be setting its sights further afield than the North American market, and will increase its portfolio in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and also in the growing region of Africa. Asia Pacific will be home to the majority of the upcoming hotels, claiming 23 of the proposed total of 54. The Asia Pacific market continues to welcome new investment and development as tourists steadily flock to the shores of its idyllic islands and exotic countries. Over 7,000 new rooms will be available to guests as a result of these 23 openings. Europe’s 9 projected hotels will create 2,371 new guest rooms, nearly matching the 3,141 rooms in the Middle East’s 9 new hotels. 5 developments in Africa will increase the company’s presence in the region by offering 1,593 new rooms.


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InterContinental Hotels Group PLC of the United Kingdom is the world’s largest hotel group by number of rooms.


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