Industry leader Iftikhar Hamdani on his biggest career mistakes

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Events

We meet hotel professional Iftikhar Hamdani and talk to him about how incorporating sustainability into his life and business has helped his career.

Any industry professional with significant experience under their belt has made some career-defining mistakes along the way, and learned some valuable lessons from them. Industry leader Iftikhar Hamdani tells us about his.

About I. Hamdani

Iftikhar Hamdani is the Cluster General Manager for the Wyndham Garden Ajman, Ramada Ajman and Ramada Beach Ajman. He has extensive experience across many sectors of the hospitality industry, including catering, food and beverage, budgeting, market planning, sales and management. Prior the Wyndham Garden was added to his roster of hotels, he managed the Ramada Ajman and Ramada Beach Ajman, and was in charge of 400 associates. His sales experience was honed as the Sales and Marketing Director of the Coral Beach Resort Sharjah and the Coral Suites Ajman for 9 years.

Biggest career mistake

We caught up with Iftikhar Hamdani at the recent TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event in Dubai’s Sheraton Grand Hotel on April 24, 2018 and spoke to him about what he has learned over the course of his career. Hamdani says that over his 40 year career, that the one thing he wishes he had taken on board earlier was the power of sustainability. He says that a number of years ago, he became interested in sustainable practices because of the commercial potential of sustainability in hospitality. Once these habits were incorporated into the business he was managing, he began to see an increase in the money the hotel was making.

Lessons learned

While Hamdani says that sustainability is good for business, it is also great for the individual as well as the community. He asserts that it is not enough to just be thinking about how sustainability can benefit your business from a financial point of view, but how sustainable practices can help a business to achieve harmony in many unexpected ways. Since he has started putting sustainability at the front and centre of his professional ethos, he says that his staff turnover has gone from 65% to 2%, meaning that 300 of his employees have stayed with the business for eight years. He puts this down to employees responding well to a new consciousness regarding the environment and the positive impact that this has had both on the hotel, the staff and the wider community.


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