Indian dreams in 25Hours Hotels’ Paris location

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Projects

A new property by trendsetting hotel brand 25Hours in Paris will take its cues from India in its design

A new property by trendsetting hotel brand 25Hours in Paris will take its cues from India in its design and concept. Located in an Indian neighbourhood near Gare du Nord, the hotel will be 25Hours first hotel outside German-speaking countries in Europe. We find out more about 25Hours expansion and its connection to the Indian market.

East meets West in 25Hours Paris

In 2017, hip German hotel brand 25Hours announced a strategic partnership with French hotel giant Accor. Accor acquired a 30% stake in 25Hours with a view to initiating the brand’s global expansion. The first foray of the successful but small German hotel group out of German-speaking countries will be into the French capital Paris, and more specifically into an Indian neighbourhood around the Gare du Nord train station. Jean-Michel Casse, Accor’s Chief Operating Officer for India and South Asia, says, “The concept of 25Hours is that the brand immerses itself in the location for six months to define a theme in its design and food so that it totally blends with the locality and environment it is in.” So it is perhaps unsurprising, given the location, that the 25Hours Paris will be inspired by Indian culture and design.

But this isn’t the only connection that 25Hours has to India. Casse has spoken of his desire to bring 25Hours to the subcontinent. He elaborated, saying, “Even if we were to have only one, I believe we should have one in India and it should be in Mumbai because of its F&B and only F&B. All because the music, entertainment and F&B is so good,” referring to the fact that the Berlin property has a queue for its restaurant and cafe every day.

Planned projects in India

Accor could do well to secure a stake in the Indian market with 25Hours, as the hospitality industry in India seems to be thriving in the foreseeable future. From now until 2021 and beyond, an incredible 201 hotels are expected to open in India. This year alone will see 64 hotels open their doors, while next year promises 48 new hotels, with a further 27 in 2020 and 62 in 2021.

Many of these new hotels and resorts will be located in some of India’s most well known cities and destinations, including Mumbai, Gurgaon and Hyderabad. A total key count of 34,861 will come out of these new hotels, providing ample space for visitors to India. 38% of the projects will be of a luxury nature, while the remaining 62% will be of a first class standard. The majority of these projects are currently under construction, with 15 hotels in the pre-opening phase, 18 in the pre-planning stages and 50 currently undergoing planning.

Let’s take a look at a few other projects currently underway in India:

Svenska New Delhi

Radisson Red Gurgaon Sector 88

Ascott Ireo City Gurgaon


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