Increasing Number of Hotels Seek Sustainable Suppliers

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Suppliers

While looking forward to 2017, Katie Meyrick, the general manager of Battlesteads Hotel & Restaurants, recently emphasized that one trend would come to most heavily define the year.

“2017 has been officially named the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by the UN World Tourism Organization, so we’re expecting to see more hotels and hospitality businesses embracing sustainable practices and doing more to be kinder to the environment,” Meyrick said according to UK-based web site Incentive Travel & Corporate Meetings. “Guests are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of travel and want to be able to have exceptional experiences without it costing the earth.”

As global hospitality industry trends shift and more travelers across the planet begin to place an importance on the environmental friendliness of the hotels they stay in, an increasing number of facility operators have begun to seek out sustainable suppliers for items ranging from produce to toiletries. From hotel restaurants in Dubai, to new hotels built from the ground up in Amsterdam, sustainability is taking hold in the hospitality industry.

The Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport was recently awarded a Green Globe certification, which is an internationally recognized award for sustainable operations. In a press release, Stefan Blömker, General Manager at Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport said, “We are proud and excited to have been awarded the Green Globe certificate. All of our associates, driven by our Green Team, are aware of the inevitable impact of our daily operations on the environment. They embrace this responsibility and try to reduce our environmental footprint through measurable and purposeful actions.” 

The measures adopted by The Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport include effectively auditing and measuring reductions in energy consumption, an innovative heating and cooling system that employs the use of soil under the hotel as a storage for energy, a carbon assessment program, and energy-efficient TVS, minibars, and lighting in guest rooms. It’s all part of a larger effort called Hyatt 2020, which seeks to, “Use Resources Thoughtfully, Build Smart, and Innovate and Inspire.”

This fall, the Olive Green Hotel had a silent opening in Greece, welcoming the first guests to its new sustainable facilities, according to The hotel is the first in Greece that is 100 percent environmentally friendly, offering intuitive technologies that allow guests the control of heating, AC, music, TV, and room service. The hotel also features minimalist rooms, most of which are sunlit for the vast majority of the day. In addition the hotel itself is located in an architectural landmark that dates back to the early 1960s and has since been transformed into a hotel that aligns nature, tradition, and technology as part of its campaign to be sustainable.

“The name of the hotel derives from the Cretan symbol of purity and wildness, the olive tree. Our hotel was designed respecting modern principles of renewable energy,” Lefteris Karatarakis, Karatarakis Hotels SA Company CEO, told “For instance, we employed reuse and recycle operational systems that utilize solar panels and other innovative methods that promote sustainable development.”

If it sounds like a look into the future of the business, that’s because it most likely is.


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