Improving the conference meeting experience with Climat Screen by Forest Group

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Suppliers

Forest Group offers with Climat Screen a wide range of advanced daylight filter systems that are especially designed to minimize the entry of solar-heat into any hospitality space. It also removes all possible annoying glare, reflections on (digital) whiteboards or presentation screens, ideal for meeting space accommodations within hotels.

Maintaining a comfortable interior climate is a key component in having a suitable meeting space. But during the summer it soon gets too hot, so attendees can’t concentrate during a meeting or conference. The foil of the daylight filter system reflects sunlight by about 80 percent, which prevents unwanted temperature rises inside. Furthermore, during winter it is not easy to heat up large spaces quickly, and a building loses heat through large windows. Climat Screen does not only help to create a better attendee experience but also improves the energy efficiency in hospitality buildings.

Productive work space

A meeting room should be a productive work space but when lowering traditional screens the disadvantage is that it will darken the meeting room and it gives a stuffy feeling. The Climat Screen system from Forest Group ensures contrast free-lighting conditions and filters daylight, therewith eliminating all annoying glare and reflections on digital whiteboards or presentation screens. This provides a pleasant environment in which the attendees can have a successful meeting because it prevents fatigue and loss of concentration.

Clean look from the outside

The sleek attractive design and inside mounting ensures a clean look from the outside of the building and does not distract the design of the building. Climat Screen is available with different types of films, depending on the need for more or less light transmittance and external view. The additional advantage is that the outside view is the same for every type of film.

About the Supplier

Forest Group is a leading company in the field of curtain track systems and window coverings.





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