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Ian Schrager appeals to “psychographic” in new Times Square EDITION

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Design

The hotel’s Terrace restaurant, part of the upcoming EDITION 

Studio 54 hotelier says that his latest Times Square venture is reinventing New York’s “tourist trap” neighbourhood once and for all.

Times Square EDITION is putting this cliched part of Manhattan back on the cool map.

Helmed by veteran hotelier and New York native Ian Schrager, this EDITION aims to be cutting-edge in a place where the edges have certainly softened over the years.

We take a look inside this soon-to-be-iconic new hotel.

Times Square gets a hot new hotel

Ian Schrager has always been at the epicentre of all things cool, so it might surprise some that he has decided to set up shop in perhaps the least cool of all places in New York City, Times Square.

Known mostly for its droves of tourists, Times Square will now be home to the latest in Schrager’s line of EDITION hotels, the Times Square EDITION.

Schrager knows what he is doing and says that since he has had his eye on Times Square for quite a while, he already has a clearly defined the type of guest he wants to get through the door.

“I thought Times Square was ripe for a reawakening and a reinvention. We don’t appeal to a demographic; we appeal to a psychographic. It’s a person in the know who would like to be part of the zeitgeist,” he says.

Sleek design meets chaotic metropolis

Given the hotel’s iconic location, it might be hard to envisage it as a place of refuge.

However, what the property manages to do is to take its chaotic environment and juxtapose it with a stark interior that recalls New York’s industrial heritage, but at the same time speaks volumes about contemporary trends in hotel design.

Guests are immediately greeted with a minimalist lobby space, where a black metal staircase encased in a blank balustrade zig-zags its way up to the floor beyond, contrasting with the white walls and the green, planted wall behind.

This green wall is echoed in other areas of the hotel, which are also teeming with vegetation. The Terrace restaurant, for example, is decked out with dropping plants which linger over the seating areas, bringing a touch of nature into this urban space.

In other areas, Schrager has drawn inspiration from New York’s many histories and eras, including its position as a great port, which welcomed ocean liners, which have been used as inspiration for the guest rooms.

The hotel’s F&B offerings are also worth taking note of, as Michelin star chef John Fraser heads up the 701 West restaurant, and the Paradise Club will surely become a hot new NYC spot in the not too distant future.

Shrager elaborates on his vision for the Times Square EDITION, saying, “I love the apparent contradiction between having something visually sophisticated, refined and elegant, juxtaposed against all the noise and boisterousness of Times Square. When you combine those things together, a third zone is created. That’s where the magic happens.”


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