How Viceroy Hotels is using smartwatches to improve its hospitality

by | Jun 26, 2018 | General News

Outfitting staff members with smartwatches is part of a larger strategy to improve overall customer service provided to guests

At the luxurious Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills Hotel in California, guests will soon find that the entire staff has something in common—they are all wearing the most recent versions of Samsung’s smartwatches.

The reason for this is simple: this luxury property has rolled out a new strategy, wherein it seeks to improve the overall customer service experience at the hotel through this technology. The technology in question is, of course, Samsung Gear S3 watches, which were originally developed by Samsung SDS and the hospitality technology platform provider ALICE. Simply put, with these watches members of the hotel staff can manage any requests made by guests, thereby allowing them to more efficiently resolve incidents, which is one of the primary goals of any effective customer service team.

A Superior Service Solution

This is far from the first time that a luxury hotel property has tried to use technology and innovation to bolster the quality of the service that it offers its guests. Be it through tablets or mobile devices, systems similar to this one with the smartwatches have been piloted or debuted at many hotels in recent years.

What sets the Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills Hotel effort apart is the exact device it is using to try this. The watches allow members of the staff to access this sort of solution without having to carry around a much bulkier solution, such as a tablet, a walkie-talkie, or even a phone. This system also removes the need for an unstylish or intrusive solution such as a radio, which is far from being a private means of communication.

Other Smartwatch Advantages

In addition to being subtle and effective, there are other inherent functionality advantages to this smartwatch system as well.

In fact, staff can use this technology to give each other alerts in both English and Spanish. The list of potential examples of guest incidents is also vast, including fulfilling urgent guest requests for things like more towels or for having a broken toilet in their rooms. Meanwhile, staff members who wear this unobtrusive watches can also receive silent vibration notification to their wrists, which they can then seamlessly accept via that same smartwatch.

All the while, hotel management can simultaneously track the status of these tasks in real time, making sure that the requests are being filled in as timely a manner as possible. This Viceroy program has been underway for the past 10 months, at least in development, and the official pilot began this month. Depending on how it turns out, this smartwatch system could eventually become standard at many luxury hotel properties.

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