How to Use Hotel Art in the Instagram Age

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Design

Hotel design is being influenced by Instagram more than design trends or even client demands. Having a carefully curated collection of artwork in your hotel is one way to leverage your stock to make your property shine on Instagram. We take a look at hotel art for Instagram’s sake.

Hotel as gallery

It is not a new thing for high-end hotels to sometimes have gallery space either in or attached to them. Something that has been gaining increasing traction in recent years, however, is the artwork collection of boutique and lifestyle hotels. Appealing to discerning travelers who are more attuned to the aesthetic nature of their surroundings, hotel artwork can not only provide a chance for local artists to exhibit their work and act as a draw for the public, but it can also be used as an integral part of the hotel’s marketing strategy by leveraging the weight of the artwork on social media. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for influencers working with visual marketing, and positioning your hotel as a bastion of art and culture can go a long way to getting followers, and potentially converting them into hotel guests.

Hotel artwork and brand identity

The artwork in a hotel can also help to reinforce the brand’s identity. Where the property pitches itself in terms of the artwork it displays can say a lot about who the hotel is and who it is trying to appeal to. Murals and artworks by young urban artists might be appropriate for a millennial-focused lifestyle hotel in a city centre destination but not for a luxury property in a rural setting. Likewise, contemporary abstract works may work well in a high end property but be inappropriate for a beachfront resort that has a focus on wellness. Getting a curator on board is essential to positioning the artwork so that it relates to the target market, and the collaboration between the curator and the marketing team will no doubt also take into account influencers who would be an ideal fit to invite to the hotel so they can take care of the promotion of the hotel on social media.

Walls versus spaces

When thinking about installing artwork into a hotel, it is important to consider all of the spaces and surfaces in the hotel as a potential canvas. While in the past, hotel artwork was often an afterthought, a flippantly selected frame holding a generic image of a landscape scene, now hoteliers and customers expect artwork to form a part of the experience of the hotel, not to just be relegated to a certain area reserved for viewing. Consider the walls as well as ceiling, lobby spaces and reception areas as spaces where artworks can be hung, or where sculptures can be installed and moved around. This can help in making the art work for you, as the investment will only reap rewards when customers engage with and share the artwork online.


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