How technology is influencing B2B marketing

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Suppliers

TOPHOTELNEWS recently reported on the best way to get straight to your target audience with B2B marketing, but what are the current trends influencing these kind of sales? Well, a new report by Google and Millward Brown Digital has assessed how exactly B2B marketers, researchers and sellers are using the internet to connect with clients and find particular products. The results are illuminating and important for any supplier looking to get their brand out there in the digital age.

The first thing that came up in the report was that, perhaps unsurprisingly, millennials are the driving force behind B2B research. Whereas previously B2B researchers had been spread across a wide age range, it now appears that nearly half of the people that are responsible for seeking out prospective products or services. Therefore, it is important that you be marketing your product on channels that millennials are frequently using with content that is engaging to them as digital natives. Another factor the report noted was that video content as a means of drawing the researcher in was one of the fastest growing forms of media on the path to purchase. Make your product shine by featuring it in high quality and informative video and you’ll see an increase in your sales, according to the report.

This also feeds into the fact that a lot of researchers are actually working on mobile devices and not just on the computer. A spike in mobile generated queries points to the fact that smartphone users are using their devices to conduct product research, so make sure your website is optimised for mobile. Another point on the report is that these millennial researchers are also searching using generic search terms or searching for the product in general, meaning your brand could be lost in the fray. A way around this is to sign up to an online directory like TOPHOTELSUPPLIER which will list your brand within a specific category, increasing the chances of your product being found by the right person. This also means the researcher is more likely to go directly to your site, as this information will be listed on the database.

Finally, the report showed that buying influence doesn’t solely reside with the most senior ranking executive of the company. Employees and senior staff lower down in the chain of command can also have certain influence, so it is important not to discount these levels of hierarchy in your marketing strategy.

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