has gone to great lengths—literally—to prove that it has more than hotels. The online company has, in fact, booked the longest URL in the history of the Internet, securing a web address that clocks in at a massive 2,083 characters.

The idea comes from the notion that the vast majority consumers are well aware that can be used—as its name just so happens to imply—to book a hotel, but that they might be unaware that the site is also a great help in booking things like seaside cabanas, yurts, and even stranger offerings such as a dolphin hotel in San Diego. This lack of awareness is, quite obviously, owed to the straight forward simplicity of the company’s web address. So, in order to expand on its well-known name, has now booked the longest web address ever published, one that was created by the advertising agency CP+B.

Ad Agency CP+B

To learn more about the thinking behind this advertising campaign, one can turn to reports from that industry, which quote the responsible agency’s creative director .

“Our campaign message is that lets you do you basically everywhere,” says Katherman. “But that wasn’t very obvious based on our name. To let people know has more than just hotels, the most obvious thing for us to do was to change our name to include every type of accommodation available. URLs are such an overlooked part of our internet experience now. So the best way to get people to notice a URL again was to have the longest one ever published.”

Here is the full URL, which you’re welcome to try clicking here, though you should be forewarned that the end result will be that it simply redirects you back to

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