Hotel terraces with wheaterproof outdoor lounge furniture by april furniture

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Suppliers

One of the most important characteristics of the upholstered outdoor lounge furniture from april furniture are its weatherproof textiles, that are just as soft and comfortable as woolen materials and cotton fabrics. The upholstery fabrics are skin-friendly and similar to woolen materials, are unproblematic for sensitive skin. The modern textiles are also dirt-repellent, meaning that even tough stains like bird droppings or fine dust can be easily removed. The weatherproof material allows for the furniture to remain outdoors on terraces all year round. The water-resistant materials are additionally impregnated with a waterproofing agent so that they can dry very quickly, even after strong rain. april furniture uses textiles, that are also used for boat and yacht construction.

― About the Supplier ―

April furniture offers with a collection of timeless, minimalist and water-resistant outdoor furniture a high quality design for private, hotel and contract sector.


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