Hotel bathrooms: boost profitability with the right planning

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Product shown: Kaldewei Nexsys shower surface in Woodberry Brown matt with design cover in polished gold

Profitability is the magic word for commercially successful hotels. What many people don’t realise is that smart bathroom planning can boost occupancy and revenue. At the same time, by investing wisely, hoteliers can reduce their long-term refurbishment costs. Just a few small changes can noticeably improve a hotel’s results.

The bathroom is the showcase for the room. In order to satisfy the guest, everything has to be right. If guests discover dirt and mould in the grout joints, cracked ceramics, or scratches in the surfaces of washbasin, shower or bath, they won’t want to come back. Bad online reviews make it difficult to attract new guests. In addition, good hotel bathroom design is increasingly becoming a way of differentiating yourself from the competition. At the same time, the hotel industry faces the challenge of making bathroom fit-outs as economical as possible, in terms of planning and installation. Hotel bathrooms have to be cost-effective. When and how will the investment pay for itself? What renovation cycles are required? These are the questions hoteliers ask themselves when faced with a first-time bathroom fit-out or a refurbishment.

From cleanliness to design: turning a bathroom into a sanctuary and source of inspiration

When selecting bathroom products for hotels it is imperative to choose the right material. By picking quality products, hotels can significantly reduce their operating costs in the areas of cleaning and maintenance. It takes roughly 30 minutes on average to clean a hotel room—with the bathroom accounting for about one-third of that time. In addition, to their distinctive elegant and timeless look, bathroom solutions made of Kaldewei steel enamel score high in terms of their longevity and ease of cleaning – thanks to a vitreous, jointless surface. Even the tiniest cracks – where limescale and dirt may settle – can’t form on this high-tech material. In addition, with its “Easy Clean” finish which comes as standard with washbasins and as an option for shower surfaces and baths, Kaldewei offers extra protection against dirt and limescale deposits.

Attracting guests: good bathroom design sets you apart from your competition

With a balanced choice of design, innovative shapes and colours, along with add-on accessories, hoteliers can accentuate the individuality and uniqueness of their property and use bathroom design to set themselves apart from the rest of the competition. Floor-level enamelled shower surfaces as big as a bath, for example, are a striking way to express that difference. They offer real added value thanks to a higher degree of comfort and greater freedom of movement. Another aspect that contributes to successfully setting themselves apart from the competition is to proactively seek a sustainable bathroom solution, not least because ecological aspects are becoming increasingly important in the international hotel industry. Steel enamel consists of natural raw materials; it is 100% recyclable and reduces the use of detergents – meaning it fully meets the current sustainability requirements for hotel construction.

Create added value with attractive bathroom accessories

Another worthwhile investment is the use of technological innovations, such as Kaldewei’s wellness highlights. Guests are, for example, willing to pay a high room rate if they can enjoy a whirl bath with soothing massage jets in the bathroom. In the spa area, special facilities for which guests are charged will also pay for the extra investment over the long term. The 4-star superior “Hotel am Meer” in Binz on Rügen Island, for instance, offers its guests the use of Kaldewei’s cosmetic Skin Touch application at its in-house “meerspa”. The bathwater is enriched with millions of microfine air bubbles, producing a rejuvenating effect. In addition to the sauna, steam bath and infra-red cubicle, this is a spa amenity that if correctly marketed can help to boost turnover.

Investment security: long-lasting solutions ensure long renovation cycles

Finally, by choosing the right products, hotels can optimise renovation cycles even with intensive use, thus reducing maintenance costs. With its “30-year guarantee” quality promise, Kaldewei underlines the investment security that its products offer. The premium bathroom manufacturer’s portfolio of floor-level showers also offer maximum security with regard to the installation of shower solutions and they minimise the risk of moisture damage. This provides hoteliers and investors with planning security. It also makes a major contribution to cost optimisation – leading to greater profitability.

What hotel industry experts say about bathroom fit-outs:

“The initial investment may be somewhat higher for high-quality products. However, if this means that the follow-on day-to-day costs can be reduced – whether with regard to cleaning, repair or replacement – it is worth it in the long term.” Bernhard Langemeyer, General Manager, Sheraton Düsseldorf Airport Hotel

“We have just refurbished 250 bathrooms and made them state-of-the-art in technological and aesthetic terms by installing washbasins and XXL shower surfaces made of superior Kaldewei steel enamel. As Germany’s biggest and most profitable hotel in Germany, we had no hesitation whatsoever in choosing bathroom solutions from Kaldewei again, just as we did 23 years ago. Despite being in use for such a long time and by so many different people, the baths that we are now replacing are still in perfect condition. That clinched it for us! We ordered all of the new Kaldewei XXL showers in modern colours and with the invisible slip-resistant Secure Plus finish. It’s simply important to us that our guests are satisfied. Thomas Brückner, Managing Director, Estrel Hotel Berl



Kaldewei offers bathrooms of superior quality and unmistakable style, with shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins made completely of one material.


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