Hip hotels can’t just rely on the desirability of their trendy destination to make them a success. In-depth knowledge and understanding of an area and its community is key to getting guests in the door, and to keep them coming back.

Community knowledge

At the recent Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit, much was discussed about the case for “cool” in the hotel industry. As people all over the world are more conscious about design and what’s hot than ever before, the onus is on hotels to know what’s going on in their local neighborhood. If they don’t, they can easily fall into the category of the old and outdated hotel model, and potential guests will continue to choose Airbnb over hotels that are perceived to be “cool” but are really just jumping on the bandwagon. of Hotel Indigo says that the most important thing for hoteliers opening properties in prime destinations is to really do their homework when it comes to what’s going on locally: “There is a lot of time spent investigating that community and the focus is on a 15-minute radius around the hotel, which is quite tight, especially in some cities. We partner with as many locals as we can, and it is important to partner with local owners and design agencies who understand the brand and the neighborhood. Sometimes that does not work as in some cities, design has not quite kept up with trends.”

Integration across the board

But the hard work of staying cool doesn’t end with the opening of the hotel. One of the keys to success for hotels in hip areas is making sure they are staffed with people who have their finger on the pulse. It’s not enough to just know about what’s cool, they also have to be cool themselves. But it is not only the staff that needs to be engaged in the community. All aspects of the hotel, from the design to the branding and identity to the food on offer needs to feed into a certain narrative, which the staff should transmit to the client. The hotel also needs to be discerning about what information they choose to share with guests, as everything is available online, and if a guest thinks they are going to get a dud recommendation from the hotel, they will seek it out on their phones instead, undermining the service the hotel should be offering. Hotels can also be a destination in themselves, by hosting art shows, live music events and talks, to become an activated space within the community. Let’s take a look at a few hip hotel projects currently underway:Jumeirah Saraya Bandar Jissah Boutique Hotel
The resort will consist of two hotel components, one consisting of 206 rooms and the other of 106 rooms, located in the picturesque cove of Bandar Jissah  …[READ MORE]Boutique Hotel Ybor City
A key block in the historic district will be revitalized into a new fice-story boutique vintage hotel.  …[READ MORE]Cains Brewery Village Boutique Hotel
The plans see the restoration of the grade II listed brewery building to its former glory, described by planning officers ‘as an outstanding example of Victorian industrial / commercial architecture  …[READ MORE]More information on Boutique hotel projects can be found in the TOPHOTELPROJECTS database. TOPHOTELPROJECTS is the specialized service provider of cutting-edge information of the hospitality industry.

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